10 creative Instagram ideas for personal and business profiles

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Sometimes it’s quite difficult to keep coming up with creative new ideas for your own Instagram account. Regular posting is the be-all and end-all for an active and interested following and a good reach of posted content. If you post infrequently, you will appear less frequently on Instagram’s feed or discover page. For best results, post an average of 1.5 times a day.

So that you can easily implement this for your private account or your business account, we have summarized 10 creative posting ideas for you. buy Instagram followers is the best to Increase your business.

Cause-Related Marketing

Do cosmetics brand Dove’s viral campaigns mean anything to you? Dove was one of the pioneers of cause-related marketing in the social media space. A company is dedicated to a social problem or concern and uses it for its own marketing purposes. What social issue can you address with your service or service? Connect your product with a deeper meaning and offer added value and the opportunity to better identify with your products.

The scariest thing that ever happened to you…

Getting scared has become a national sport. We love to hear about other people’s ghostly experiences. Do you have something scary to tell that you experienced yourself? Then this is perfect for an Instagram post! Let other people join in the scary fun and discuss if your story is really true.

time-lapse videos

Time-lapse or hyper- lapse videos are ideal eye-catchers in your feed and are suitable for both private and business accounts on Instagram. You can use Instagram’s own Hyper lapse app or another app from the app store to do this. Some smartphones also have the Hyper lapse function. Whether you want to show a sunset time-lapse or a get-ready-with-me video – there are no limits to creativity. Hyper lapse videos are great for outdoor, photography, cooking, technology, and art industries.


Sounds simple, but very few use this simple post idea to gain followers. Imagine yourself as a person. What makes you special, where you come from, what job you do,or what path you take to get to this point in your life. If your account grows by a certain number of followers, it makes sense to repeat the round of introductions in order to reach new subscribers as well. Encourage your followers to introduce themselves in the comments and get to know your Instagram community better.

Recreate your favorite post

Some influencers have made their mark on Instagram simply by mimicking posts by famous people. Why don’t you try that too? Recreate the favorite posts of people who inspire you or are related to your product or business idea. With the right hashtags, these types of posts have a wide reach. A fun example of this type of post is the creative renditions of Celeste Barber, a British comedian.

Something you like/dislike

Have you been living exclusively on blueberry cheesecake for the past few weeks, or have you hopped in an ice-cold shower every morning for 30 days? Then these are definitely events in your life that you can share with your subscribers. Involve people in your current emotional world and tell them about products that you currently love, a new trend that you are following or a hyped series that you didn’t like at all. Your opinion counts.

Promote other companies and vice versa

Whether only as part of  cooperation or due to regional proximity – applying from other companies in the same industry or region can bring many advantages. Ideally, this will allow you to gain followers organically-, since the interests of both of your companies are similar and the number of followers is , therefore , the same.

Promote companies that sell products that complement yours or sell something completely different but may be based in the neighborhood.

Quizzes and Puzzles

Quizzes or puzzles of any kind are well suited to encourage your subscribers to actively participate in your posts. A tricky question will keep subscribers discussing wildly and waiting for the right answer from you all day long. Can you come up with a question about your product? Perhaps you can promise a small shopping voucher to whoever answers the question correctly? Wonderful, this is how successful posting on Instagram works.

Encourage your subscribers to tag a friend

This technique can be combined with posting ideas like giveaways or quizzes, but it can also stand alone. Encourage your subscribers to tag a friend in the comments who would like your product or who can relate to the issue raised. This type of strategy brings a lot of “social proof” to your brand, which means that your company receives the label of proof from others. Friends rely on the opinions of those close to them and follow you or view your content based on recommendations. However, rarely use this feature to avoid losing credibility.


Show your commitment to the community

Is your business thriving within a neighborhood and not just an online business? Then show your followers how committed you are to the people around you. Whether you take part in fundraising campaigns or your team organizes clean-up days in the neighborhood around the corner – social commitment is always welcome and gives your company credibility and generates sympathy.

Did you get a little inspiration? We have many more articles for you that deal in detail with ideas for personal and business accounts. Take your social media activities to the next level with us and benefit from up-to-date and helpful tips and tricks for your account. If you want to buy Instagram followers.

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