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10 Must-Follow Dental Tips For Everyone

Today, we are all aware of the importance of staying physically and mentally fit, regardless of our age. To keep ourselves physically fit, we eat healthy foods, follow a strict exercise regimen, and lead an active life. We also practice mental conditioning exercises like yoga and meditation to keep ourselves mentally fit. Are you one of these fitness-conscious people? If yes, can you say you are equally focused on your oral health as well? Sadly, the answer would be no. Not many of us give oral hygiene the importance it deserves, today.

In this article, we will tell you about 10 must-follow dental tips that each of us needs to follow to protect ourselves from gum decay, plaque formation, yellow teeth, bad breath, dull teeth and other related ailments.

  1. Watch what you eat

Being conscious of what you eat is good for your physical and oral health. Eating foods that contain a lot of sugar and soda can cause cavities in your teeth. If you have kids in your house, you have to watch their sugar intake, as this can lead to a lot of dental issues as they grow up. Calcium is great for bones and teeth. So, it would be better if you start to regularly include calcium-rich foods in your diet, like milk and yogurt.

  1. Proper brushing

Have you been beating your own record while brushing your teeth in a jiffy every morning? It is time to say goodbye to this habit, if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Though it is a simple tip, not many people brush their teeth the way it has to be done. You should take at least two minutes to brush your teeth properly in all directions. Brush in circular movements to get rid of plaque, if any, accumulated in your teeth. Brushing your night is highly recommended to keep your teeth free from germs.

  1. Regular dental appointments

More often than not, most dental issues arise from the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Even if you brush properly, it may be difficult to get rid of hardened plaque. This is why it is important to visit your dentist at least twice a year. You need to get your teeth professionally cleaned and checked for any issues. This will help you diagnose issues, if any, in the early stages itself, before they assume alarming proportions.

  1. Using proper dental hygiene products

If you thought using a good toothbrush was good enough for caring for your teeth, you are mistaken. It is good to have proper dental hygiene products stocked in your bathrooms. These should include floss, mouthwash, tongue cleaners, inter-dental cleaners, etc. Please remember that you have to use along with normal brushing and flossing products, for best results. You can check with your dentists about the method and frequency of using these products.

  1. Choosing the right toothpaste

Do you choose your toothpaste based on the brand, color, fragrance, or taste? You have had it wrong all these years! You have to choose a toothpaste based on its ingredients, and not on the factors that make it visually attractive. According to dentists, you should use toothpaste with fluoride, as this component works effectively in fighting against tooth and gum decay. It also acts as a protective shield for your teeth.

  1. Stay away from smoking

If you smoke too much, it can lead to permanent nicotine stains on your teeth. In severe cases, smoking leads to periodontal diseases, oral cancer, gum decay, tooth loss, etc. This can also lead to an overall weakening of your jawbone. In such cases, your jawbones won’t have the strength to accept dental implants, too. 

  1. Using sealants on the advice of experts

Children, who eat a lot of chocolates and sugar-rich foods, are prone to tooth decay, cavities, plaque formation and more. However, here is a simple solution for you to keep your kids free from cavities. Today, you will find quite a few top-class dental sealants available in the market, to fill the grooves in your kids’ molars and premolars. Though they are highly effective in keeping cavities at bay, we recommend you use these only after consulting your dentists.

  1. Staying hydrated

Did you know that drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the day not only helps in your physical health but oral health as well? When you drink enough water, it helps the flow of saliva inside your mouth. A continuous flow of saliva ensures that food particles move away from your teeth, and they don’t stick in any unwanted place. Most of the time, cavities and bacterial infections happen when food particles clog your teeth. Drinking adequate quantities of water every day, will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

  1. Change your toothbrush frequently

Your teeth are only as good as your toothbrush. Many of us continue to use our brushes, even after the bristles are broken or bent. It is a good practice to change your toothbrush once in 3 to 6 months, or at the first signs of wear & tear issues. Electric toothbrushes may last for a long time; however, manual toothbrushes need to be replaced frequently to keep your teeth healthy and clean. You may still not be able to get rid of plaque and other germs accumulated in your teeth, despite brushing for a full two minutes every day, if you use damaged toothbrushes. Also, after every use, clean your toothbrushes properly and store them in a dry place, so that they remain clean for your next use.

  1. Brushing at night is important

This is something that we have been learning since kindergarten. Unfortunately, not many of us follow this habit in our daily lives. Though your morning routine includes brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and more, it is still important to brush your teeth at night before going to bed. This ensures that you get rid of the germs and plaque that have accumulated in your teeth throughout the day. Brushing at night is an important part of your dental hygiene, definitely. 

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