2 Things You Must Determine Before Stepping Inside Tanning Salon

by hr forhad

Want to get a beautiful tan for the summer? Before you decide to step inside a salon, do some homework. Do we need to mention that you need to choose only the best salon in town? But that’s not all. You must also determine a couple of things before entering a salon. 


Why must you know your skin type before tanning? 

Know your skin type first, lest you may burn! 


Some skins burn faster than others. So, it is imperative to know your skin type. You are in the tanning salon to attain a sexy golden hue, not a horrible sunburnt look! 


A tanning bed offers a controlled environment in terms of sunlight exposure, yet it still is exposing you to UV rays. These are exactly the same UV rays emitted by the sun. 


So, the rule stays the same – too much exposure to sun rays can burn the skin. 


When you know your skin type the experts at the salon can adjust the intensity of UV rays accordingly. This will give you a beautiful transformation inside the tanning bed.


Discussing skin before tanning 

Skin experts have classified skin types into six categories. Type 1 is the fairest skin and type 6 is the darkest. 


Discuss with the salon experts about your skin type before you begin the session. High-quality salons are dedicated to delivering the best tanning experience to customers. So, they would naturally ask you your skin type. If they don’t, you must tell them. 


Certain prestigious salons also harbor skin experts who can analyze your skin and tell its type. So, worry not, if you don’t know what type of skin you have. But ensure you are in a prestigious salon. Search “best tanning salon near me”. 


Tanning goals 

Determining tanning goals is as important as determining skin type. Why are you here in a salon? To get a tan, of course! 


But tanning can be of varying degrees. It could be a slightly sun-kissed look or a lovely bronzed look. It could a golden hue or a deep tan. 


What do you want? 


Explain to the experts at the salon what exactly you are looking for. In other words, how do you want to see yourselves at the end of a tanning session? The more you specify your tanning needs, the better the experts can give you tanning. 


Don’t step inside a salon simply on a whim. 


What if I got a sudden idea to tan? 

Well, that’s okay. A reputable tanning salon in East Boca Raton is aware of the “instant urge” for tanning. You are hanging out with friends when, suddenly, one of your friends joins you flaunting her sensuous skin. You are amazed and get an instant urge to tan. 


Hop into the salon and talk with the experts. Usually, you must prep your skin before tanning. If your skin has unwanted hair or does not look good enough to tan at the moment, the experts would tell you. It is best to have clean, neat skin (shaved or waved) and skin in good condition before you tan it. 

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