4 Marketing Tricks You Must Use While Custom Designing Your Banners

by Ester Adams

Banner marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenals of many small business owners. They use custom-printed banners to promote their products/services to local customers. Believe it or not – with a few high-quality custom banners, your business can reach out to thousands of potential customers.

But banner marketing is only successful if business owners have clear strategies for designing and presenting these items. Smart business owners use some fundamentals of marketing to create high-quality banners. These strategically designed banners help them fuel sales. Here are 4 critical marketing strategies smart business owners follow –

  • Targeted Messaging 

Everyone loves banners/posters with universal themes and messages. But, such banners rarely persuade customers to make purchases. That’s because they don’t feature any targeted messages. These banners don’t appeal to specific audiences. Hence, no one responds to these materials.  

Develop targeted promotional messages for your banners by addressing these questions:

  • How is your company improving customers’ lives?
  • How do your products/services fulfill your target customers’ objectives?
  • What problems are your products/services solving?
  • How will a person benefit by contacting your company after seeing your banner?

Address these questions and use those answers as a guide for creating effective promotional messages for your banners. Also, don’t forget to include these vital details –

  • How to visit your website
  • How to call your client servicing department
  • Your brick-and-mortar store’s location
  • Time-limited discounts

Marketing experts also add trackable phone numbers and unique URLs to their banner ads. These tools help them verify how many customers were influenced by their banner ads.

  • Simple Text and Design

Simple designs are easier to remember. That’s the golden rule of print marketing. To maximize the effectiveness of your banner ads, keep every design aspect simple and easy to understand.

  • Use short, bold headlines that instantly command the attention of target audiences.
  • Use visually compelling graphics that instantly stick in customers’ heads.
  • Post short calls to action, avoid overloading the banner ads with excessive information.


  • Highlight Brand Elements

Ideally, you want everyone who sees your banner ads to learn your brand’s name and hopefully remember it. Don’t worry – you don’t need to craft complex designs to achieve this goal. Smart marketers use basic tricks to make their brand elements stand out on posters, banners, etc.

  • Use unique brand symbols: Unique brand symbols never fail to attract the eyes of the masses.
  • Large, bold headlines: Make sure the brand name is printed at the top of the banner. Use large fonts and bold headlines to create this section of your banner.
  • Contrasting colors: Use contrasting colors in different banner sections to create a strong visual impact.  


  • Targeted Placement

Lastly, smart marketers always know where to place their ads. Some would argue placing your banner ads in the right locations is more important than the design part. To give your banner ads the highest possible number of views, place them in –

  • Busy traffic intersections
  • Outside stores in shopping districts
  • Near community
  • Tradeshows, conferences, etc.
  • Places where your target customers are frequent attendees

Follow these 4 critical marketing strategies to create the most amazing banner ads for your business!

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