5 Best Nicotine Salt E-Juices for Beginners

by Gilbert J Donald

Nicotine salt, also known as Nic Salt, efficiently delivers nicotine to the body. Both low and high-powered vape pens provide a satisfying experience. Nic salt e-juices have organic compounds that help deliver nicotine better. E-liquids with nic salt are less harsh to the throat because they contain benzoic acid to reduce pH. At the start, the vaping industry focused more on the tech behind vape pens and flavors. Nicotine became a priority after the invention of nic salts in 2015. Researchers carry out more experiments with an effort to improve nicotine salt e-juices.

Benefits of Nic Salt


Nicotine salts are vape juice with an amazing nicotine strength. They have a higher price tag but provide better nicotine. The user consumes less nic salt e-juice in the long term and saves more. Nic salts are more stable than most e-liquids and have a better shelf-life. Its quality remains constant despite long storage. Because of this, you can purchase in bulk to save money. Another low-cost quality of nic salt e-juice is that they need simple vape pens. The high-tech Sub-Ohm tanks are expensive and unnecessary for nicotine salt. They need low-output vape tanks that are cheaper.


As earlier mentioned, nic salts contain food-grade benzoic acid. This provides faster absorption and a smooth, gentle hit to the throat. On the other hand, conventional e-liquids are harsh because they do not mask nicotine.

Fast Delivery

Nic salt e-juices enter the bloodstream quickly and deliver nicotine in seven seconds. PAX labs researched to prove that nic salts have nicotine efficiently. Users can enjoy their nicotine dosage using simple equipment like vape pens. The consumer’s craving satisfaction is higher with nic salts than other e-liquids.

Better Flavor

Nicotine-free e-liquids affect flavor and taste; this is different from nic salts. They have little to no effect on flavor and thus offer a better experience for a richer taste.

Nic Salt E-Juices for Beginners

Apple Peach Iced

The flavor consists of crisp apple and sweet peach. In addition, the menthol ice adds to a smooth vape. The nicotine salt has a strength between 30 and 50mg. This e-juice comes in a 30ml bottle and is not for Sub-Ohm use but for low output vape devices.

Cotton Candy

This fun flavor now comes as nicotine salt with a strength between 35 and 50mg. The e-juice is not for atomizes and Sub-Ohm vapes. Its sugary taste is excellent with excellent quality. The fluffy pink cotton candy flavor will be hard to put down.

Fuji Apple

The nic salt e-juice has a crisp red fuji apple flavor with hints of strawberries. The summer flavor is accurate with each inhale and will satisfy your fruit cravings. Nicotine strength varies between 25 and 50mg and comes in a 30ml bottle. The e-juice is not for Sub-Ohm devices.


Frappé nic salt e-juice flavor explodes of fruits, cream, and tarts. Frappé nic salt has the most flavors to explore and is among the best to start with. There are 35 and 50mg nicotine strength.

Nic Shot

It is a 10ml bottle of concentrated nicotine. The nicotine is unflavored and intended to add to other e-juice. This is an excellent start for beginners to customize nicotine strength to their favorite e-juice and acquire the perfect vape. Nicotine shot developed due to the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) regulation. The 10ml size complies with their requirements.

Vape Pens for Nic Salt E-Juice

Sub-Ohm vape devices are not the best for nic salt e-juices. The high nicotine will come off as harsh to the user. If you use high-powered vapes, use nic salt e-juice with lower nicotine formulated for Sub-Ohm vapes. This will ensure your vape experience is smooth. Vape devices with the mouth-to-lung (MTL) design are great for nic salts. Look for vape pens with coils that work with nic salt e-juices, preferably 1.0ohm. Replaceable coils are cost-efficient in the long run.

What Beginners Should Know

Fewer Pen Options

Nic salt e-juice limits the type of vape pens you can use. You will have to use pods and pens with less impressive features than Sub-Ohm devices. This limits customization you could use to modify the vape experience.

Heavy dose

Nicotine salt e-juices are more potent than your average e-juice. It works well for heavy consumers that need more nicotine dosage. Lighter consumers need 5-12mg nicotine strength. This nicotine range is the ultimate amount for high-performing Sub-Ohm vape devices. If you are content with lower nicotine strength and want high performance, conventional e-juice may work better. Alternatively, you can add a Nic shot to the e-juice and use a Sub-Ohm device comfortably.


Nic salts are more for functional purposes than fun. Its primary goal is to provide a potent dose without the exciting factors of conventional e-juices.


The prices for nic salt e-juice ranges between $10 to $20. Nic salts are available in the EU market and are regulated by the TPD. The regulation includes 20mg nicotine for 1ml of e-liquid; this limit is different in the US and increases up to 50mg. The information above is a quality guide for beginners to vent into nicotine salts. You can determine if they are right for you and where to start.


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