5 Factors to Consider When Buying Sleeper Semi Trucks

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Do you consider yourself as a first-time owner-operator of semi-trucks or are you buying more big rigs to add to your growing business? You know, there are some perks to owning semi-trucks, for instance,  you have the freedom to choose whatever loads you’d be hauling and whichever routes you’re going. Besides, you’d be saving more if you sleep in your truck’s cabin rather than spend the night at a motel. More importantly, it would be you who can decide what type of big rig would suit your demands and budget.

Truth is, every owner-operator varies in their needs. You may be wondering if it’s a day cab or sleeper cab you require because one is slightly different from the other. That said, there are certain factors to consider before you buy your first batch. Here are the things to look for in semi-trucks with built-in sleeping quarters in order for you to get the best value on your purchases. New York affordable housing developer by partnering with local  stakeholders in Manhattan and outer boroughs

Factors to Consider When Buying Sleeper Semi Trucks

  1. Day cab vs sleeper cab

If you know what type of owner-operator you are, you’d know what you want from your semi-truck.  Take note that day cabs are used mostly for short-haul freights and thus, are great for short distances. Therefore, you just need to rest at certain stops or go out for a breath of fresh air. Sleeper cabs are designed for long hauls taking interstate and cross-country routes and so you need a safe and comfortable place to sleep which your sleeper truck can basically provide.

  1. Budget

Ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for your desired vehicle and whether you can afford to pay it in cash, through a loan or financing. Bottom line is to make sure you’re prepared with your finances to get what you really need. Actually, trucks with beds at the back of the driver’s seat cost a bit higher, especially those that come with amenities for the user’s convenience.

  1. Comfort and flexibility

Truck manufacturers see to it that sleeper trucks provide utmost comfort and versatility knowing that truckers mostly spend longer days on long hauls. Comfort in the driver’s seat, as well as comfort in the back cabin, should be a priority when choosing sleeper tractors.

  1. Weight and size

Sleeper trucks equipped with a kitchenette and bathroom means also have a filled water tank. Imagine how tremendous the amount of weight those amenities give. Likewise, cabin size matters because more indoor space means a longer cabin and this adds to the mass of the truck. Bear in mind that all these weights will impact your cargo-hauling capacity. 

  1. Current condition

It’s always a good idea to run a history check and know the vehicle’s current condition. Overall appearance, mileage, information about previous accidents, maintenance records, upgrades, and related information are very important factors before you decide to buy.

Trucks with extended cabins that provide comfortable and safe sleeping space for drivers are now becoming a popular trend. Choose the one based on your needs and budget. If you need to, buy the vehicle with a mini-fridge and bathroom for your total convenience.

Sleeper Semi Truck: A Profitable Venture

To be considered as an owner-operator, you need to have your own sleeper truck, whether you purchase a brand new or a second-hand unit. But you might be wondering how profitable it is to invest in the trucking industry. Well, experts have proven that indeed, owning an 18-wheeler is lucrative.

While there are potential risks when you buy your first vehicle, there are likewise many different ways to earn from it. You can turn it into a remarkable investment so long as you do business in advance to ensure good revenues in return. In other words, before you even make the final decision of buying, your market research and study shall have been well prepared. Here’s how you can make money from your sleeper semi-truck.

How Your Semi Truck Can Make Profit

  1. Buy only from a reputable dealer

This is particularly important when you decide to buy used. By making a purchase from a respected company, you’re assured of the quality of the vehicle hence, getting value for your hard-earned money. Besides, you’d be able to estimate costs for future repair and maintenance knowing that your truck is in good working condition at the time of buying. Of course, you’d expect to pay a bit higher upfront cost for that but you will realize the payoff in the long run.

  1. Run a history check 

To get your money’s worth, always run a history check on the vehicle you’re intending to purchase. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, might as well prepare a checklist that will remind you of all the aspects when looking into the actual condition of the big rig. Keep an eye on the quality even if the semi is used.

  1. Get your finances ready 

Apart from those mentioned above, be ready with your budget as this is the most crucial step in the buying process. For a used semi, it’s good to budget at least $45,000 to $100,000 while a new semi could cost anywhere between $125,000 and $150,000 but it depends on the model and makes.

All costs involved should be budgeted enough like the down payment and including the monthly installments. Nonetheless, if you think you cannot afford all the costs at one time, then perhaps you should limit the number of trucks to purchase as this can have an effect on your profitability.

  1. Look for the warranty 

In case anything goes wrong with your semi, the warranty is your safety net. And besides, you’d have peace of mind knowing that your tractor-trailer is road-worthy and have confidence driving when your truck is covered.

Even then, with or without the warranty, it’s still your responsibility to set aside funds for maintenance because you wouldn’t know when a breakdown could happen. When this happens at a time you least expect, it could mean a loss of revenue for your business.

Remember that once you have totally paid the installments, the sleeper cab is all yours to own. As an owner-operator, it’s now in your hands how to make the most of your 18-wheeler.

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