5 Features of Click-to-Call Solution

by sharmaniti437

A Click-to-call solution for businesses is a useful method of connecting to many interested customers by calling them directly. It not only helps in dealing with customers, but also assists customers to communicate with company employees directly. Thus, translating them into potential leads for your business.

How does Click-to-Call work?

  • The process starts with an existing integrated Application Programming Interface (API) program.
  • When a customer clicks on ‘Click-to-call’, the system demands the phone number. The API system then activates the call to the agent first, and when the agent is connected, the customer is given a call.
  • A seamless experience with minimal effort is what a company can expect from the click-to-call solution for information.

Let’s discuss the features provided that can benefit the business and customers:

  • Reduced Response Time

Instead of asking a customer to wait in a long line to talk to a company agent, customers can be requested to provide an appropriate time for the agents to call them and resolve their queries. This gives customers a sense of value through a good customer experience.

  • Easier tracking of the conversation

Click-to-call allows you to track your customers’ communications, reasons for the call, and what they are talking about on the phone.

  • Hasslefree Implementation

There is no complex configuration or installation required. It is a simple and easy tool that can be added to your website or portal instantly.

  • Maximize Sales Conversion

When customers have an easy mechanism to solve their problems with just a click, they easily build trust with the product. This quick click-to-call feature increases the chances of boosting a customer base as they seek continuous interaction, and the business never misses an opportunity. Agents can tailor calls according to customer’s preferences by capturing potential customer information

  • Building a Positive Image

Direct communication leads to creating a positive product image, thus, narrowing the gap between customers and the company for better information. The process provides a faster and more efficient communication system which strengthens customers’ efforts. It helps in presenting the company’s good image.

Specifically, click-to-call service helps your business simplify your agent and customer communication process by making outgoing calls easier and less annoying.

Benefits of Using Click-to-Call Feature

The primary benefit of a click-to-call solution is to help the consumer directly interact with an agent to resolve issues. This solution helps streamline the calls. The cloud communication company’s click-to-call solution provides a method on the website that particularly comes directly to the pages or an agent. This can help track the customer that is calling, and it is easier to manage the calls. This kind of solution doesn’t need to route the call or keep the client waiting or holding the call.


With the advent of technology, customer expectations have also changed, requiring faster access and resolution to their queries. With the click-to-call feature, cloud communication companies can help their businesses make the most important sales and provide improved customer service, which is very important across the industry.

Click-to-call is an easy way to reach customers directly. All calls made via the Knowlarity platform possess various features like call recording statistics, which are necessary to enhance customer experience.

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