5 Major Things That Can Go Wrong on Exhibitions and How to Stop

by kbing

Exhibition mistakes can make the whole agenda fail pretty miserably. These business events are used to launch new products, show off existing ones and gain brand identity. However, there are many little and substantial things that can go wrong on exhibitions. Many kinds of tradeshow and exhibition mistakes can easily take away the purpose of organizing them.

So, the basic agenda of any exhibition is to get maximum attention for brands, products or services. What you need is to boost the business image for quick growth across social channels and physical market. Presenting products and brands attractively is very important. Here are some of the many things that can go wrong on exhibitions and how to correct them:

1: Not Converting Visitors into Customers on Exhibition

When taking part in tradeshows and large exhibitions, the event will naturally get many visitors. However, individual businesses and brands displaying their products or services need individual attention. Also, it is pretty common for many brands and booths to not get the required attention.

You have to keep in mind that other similar brands will bring their own offerings to large exhibitions as well. Also, even if your booth is getting a lot of visitors, many might not be converting into customers. You need to put in place measures to grab more sales quickly.

The Solution

Solution for converting visitors into customers is to present products and services attractive. Use iPads, laptops or digital screens to demo your products and brands. Get iPad rental service if needed. Highlight standout features attractively with presentations to grab more sales on exhibitions.

2: Your Customers Not Being Able to Find You Easily

Did you engage the local audiences through social media pre-advertisement for that upcoming exhibition? If you did, people should already know about your brand participation. This is a great way of increasing your visitors on that exhibition as well.

However, when you are on a large tradeshow or exhibition floor, it is easy for that booth to get hidden. Often times, people can come looking and engage with other similar brands instead of you. So, this way, you created the hype for other brands and not yours.

The Solution

A great solution is to use digital branding instead of regular printed branding. Digital branding can be executed with large displays, iPads and laptop screens. These helps attract attention and you can also add dynamic content for more visitor engagement too. iPad hire companies offer the required displays.

3: Not Enough People to Handle That Exhibition Pressure

Got a small team with you on that exhibition? We understand that taking many people isn’t often the possibility. Often, businesses are limited in their exhibition team. However, when you get a lot of visitors, dealing with so many can quickly become a problem.

This is on of the most common things that go wrong for brands and businesses. However, you need to prepare for a situation like this in advance. Your team should know how to deal with exhibition pressure and peak hours during the event.

The Solution

Tech devices can help. If you have a smaller team, offload some of the workload on iPads and laptops. Use laptop rental service to get the required devices. Run product presentations on laptops or iPads for visitors to understand what you offer. Pass this job to tech devices instead of people in your team.

4: Not Enough People Turning Up at the Exhibition

Quite often, businesses organize sole exhibitions to launch products, services and new brands. These are good and all. But, when your business is in a larger event, there will be more people naturally. For sole brand events, it is hard to get so many people visiting or attending.

Bigger brands and businesses will have this problem on a smaller scale. New startups or small businesses will struggle to get people attending in large numbers. Also, this is a common problem shared by business industries of all kinds across the world.

The Solution

So, early pre-event marketing and advertisement is the way to go. Let people know about your exhibition before the event through social medial, tv ads and any other way possible. Put up exciting exhibition offers that are limited to the event only. Get people coming in large numbers.

5: Unnecessarily Long Lines at the Booth

Not getting people attending is one thing. Getting too many of them on your booth on larger events is quite another. Busy peak hours can arise out of nowhere often. So, what you will get is blockage of service delivery and product sales with these long lines.

Tradeshows and exhibition booths prey for this problem when it doesn’t strike. However, things change pretty quickly once you get too long lines. This can impact your exhibition agenda negatively when you don’t have the right means to deal with it. People can easily line up on other competing booths.

The Solution

Make sure to organize adequate number of reception points. These should be the delivery points at your booth. Get as many of your resources attending people. Automate checkouts through iPads, laptops and other devices. Make much of the process automated for quick sales generation.

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