A Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui

by Henry888

Elements of the Universe

Feng shui is based on the Taoist idea of the five elements. This system examines the interconnectedness of nature’s cycles and how they function in harmony. Earth, metal, water, wood, and fire are the five elements. You may employ the colours and forms associated with each element to accentuate the traits you want to bring into your house and life.


Self-care, limits, and sustenance are all associated with Earth. Earth tones like yellow, orange, and brown are associated with it, as are square forms and heavy things……….Your house might have an earthy feel with a square yellow rug or a rectangle desk in a neutral colour.


Metal is a joyous, beautiful, and precise material. Metal is shown in white, grey, and metallic hues, as well as in circular forms.

Adding a circular, metallic planter or light fixture is a great way to incorporate metal into your decor.


Deep insight, as well as a sense of oneness with people and with the environment around us, may be found in the water. It’s intertwined with dark blue and wavy forms, as well as black.

Adding water to your house may be done with the addition of a water fountain or artwork that depicts water, such as this one.


Wood has a strong connection to growth, healing, and vigour. The colours green, blue, and teal, as well as the towering, columnar structures, all serve to symbolise it.

The wood aspect may be introduced to your home with the help of green houseplants.


Passion, inspiration, and visibility are all embodied by the flames of the fire. Colors like red and brilliant orange, as well as triangles, are associated with it.

The element of fire is also associated with light. It’s easy to bring the fire element into your house with the use of lamps.

Position of Influence

In feng shui, a commanding posture is one of the most important fundamentals. Because each of these objects represents a vital area of your life, it is imperative that they be all under charge. Each of these items has a symbolic meaning to you: your bed represents you, your stove symbolises your material prosperity, and your desk denotes your chosen route in life.

Locate a spot in the room where you can view the door without being exactly in line with it whether sitting at your computer, laying down, or cooking in order to put your furniture in command. Because you can see everything coming in via the entrance from this vantage point, it’s supposed to make you feel safer subconsciously. As a result, you’re more alert to new chances that may present themselves to you.


The mouth of qi, where energy enters your area, is termed the entrance point. It’s also the first thing guests see when they arrive, so it serves as your public face. A clean and uncluttered space is essential for allowing energy to flow freely. It’s also critical that people can easily locate your front entrance. Is it well-labeled and unhindered? Everyone, including your friends and the individuals who bring your food, should have no trouble finding it. If you want to get feng shui certification, please visit our website.

A room in the living quarters

Because they are spaces where people meet with loved ones, living rooms should exude a sense of cosiness and friendliness. Seating for everyone in the house, as well as a few more for visitors, should be a priority while planning a party. Face chairs and couches facing one other to promote discussion and engagement. Avoid placing chairs with their backs towards the entryway.

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