All Things from California: From Cannabis to Wine and Bongs

by Ester Adams

Are you planning for a trip to California, a birthday party, graduation party, corporate party, or any other entertainment ceremony in California? Whether a trip or a party, both call for celebration and entertainment, and different people have different ways of celebrating. Some people love smoking cannabis/marijuana as the climax of their celebration, while others will take a glass of wine and another group may resort to using bongs with a drug of their choice. But even before you use either of these, how much do you understand the law-binding recreational drugs?

If you don’t want to get into drug abuse trouble in California, ensure that you understand drug laws. There are so many legal changes regarding drugs that have occurred over time and it’s possible to get confused on which drugs are legal or illegal. You don’t have to end up hiring a lawyer after what you thought was a trip or a party turns out to be sour. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, educating yourself on matters related to legal recreational drugs is not an option or else you will be trapped in a conflict with the authorities.

What you Need to Know About Legal Cannabis in California?

Since January 2018, smoking marijuana has been legalized in the state of California. However, some rules and regulations have been put in place to regulate its usage. They include:

  • Persons aged 21years and above can smoke marijuana whether residents or not.
  • A person should possess approximately 28.5grams of cannabis daily.
  • Persons between the age of 18 and 21 years should only use this stuff under medical recommendation or possess a medical marijuana ID card from the state of California.
  • One can purchase marijuana from one of the 1700 marijuana dispensaries put up in place throughout the state of California. You only have to present a government-approved form of identification.
  • Avoid using in public vehicles or while driving and when you purchase, make sure it is sealed until you reach those allowed arenas where you can use it.

Apart from direct smoking, you can opt to use a bong with this dry herb. It is way healthier than inhaling that smoke direct to your lungs. Just like other forms of smoke from other drugs, smoke from the bong is equally harmful since it has ash, tar, and any other type of harmful component. Water in the bong filters all the impurities thus giving you a more decent smoke. It’s also believed that using bongs hits different and it gets you high quickly since it hits directly to the head.

Discover Wine Regions in California

California is behind the extensive wine production in America. If it was a country on its own, it would have been the fourth-largest wine-producing country in the whole world. The state’s diversified terrain and weather patterns enables an incredible wine styles variety, and different traditionally-bound Europe, experimenting is widely embraced here. Wineries ranks from price and production, massive corporations, family-owned boutiques, or even tiny plants, are evenly assorted. Most of cheap bulk wine is produced in the Central Valley area. On the other hand, Napa Valley is commonly known for producing some of the most prestigious and expensive wines in the world.

Every American Viticultural Area (AVA) and sub-American Viticultural Area has its unique personality, enabling California to make every fashion of wine: bone dry, unctuously sweet, still, sparkling, light, fresh, rich, and full-bodied. In the Napa Valley, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay rule vineyard acreage. While Sonoma County is commonly known for Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Rose Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Central Coast is best recognized for Rhône Blends based on Syrah and Grenache. Mendocino has cool climate varieties such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir. If you are a wine love, you will definitely not miss out on your best flavor with all these varieties in California. 

Is it legal to own bongs in California?

If it’s your first time to come across this word bong, it’s a typical filtration device used for smoking dry herbs and it can come in different designs and styles. They are commonly known as water pipes by the fact that, traditionally they used water for filtration and purification of the smoke produced. Using water as the solvent purifier has a significant impact since it helps in purifying the smoke before it gets into your lungs. And yes, it’s legal to have a bong in California.

However, there are other alternatives to bong water that might give you a whole bong experience. They include:

  1. Hot tea – This is an amazing option as it offers a smoother hit. Instead of water, you can make hot tea adding flavors such as peach, orange, or lemon to give it a refreshing taste. Adding sugar to your tea might create a problem for your bong as it becomes difficult to clean.
  2. Iced Tea – This option gives quite a unique and exhilarating hit when used with a bong. If you love using ice cubes with water, you can as well make it happen when using tea as an alternative. You only need to throw some ice cubes into your already flavored tea and your bong water alternative is ready. If you must use sugar, ensure that you use just a small portion.
  3. Wine – We have just covered how California is rich with quality wines and wine alternative is considered one of the best bong water alternatives. The wine offers you an awesome flavor combination and you have a choice of using either red or white wine. You only need a wine with low alcoholic content and you are good to go.
  4. Cranberry Juice – This one takes the center stage as one of the most popular alternatives to bong water as it offers a smooth hit and adds extra magic to your bong. Due to the acidic nature of cranberries, using this juice on your bongs will automatically keep them cleaner for a long time and you also get an easy time when cleaning them. You will have a better experience if you use fresh, cold juice with no additives.

To this extent, I believe you now know some of the legal recreational drugs in California from cannabis to wine and owning bongs. If you are a Californian or are planning to visit, put all these things from California into consideration or bucket list and do everything responsibly.

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