All you need to know about Angular 

by abdullah baloch

Angular is a front-end application for web development. It is a tool used by developers for making quick and dynamic web applications. HTML and Typescript are the two most important elements needed for becoming an angular expert. The skills needed for using angular to build web applications depend on some fundamentals. In this article, we will learn the main features of angular. Many people also search for how to install angular on windows and learn angular. It is easy to download angular on windows. Once, you understand the different features of angular you can download the same on your computer and use its different functions for creating an app. Angular has excellent features that make it the most reliable and easy front-end tool used for making web applications. Angular developers are also in high demand because it is the most commonly used front-end software for web development.

Tools used in angular

The main component of angular is divided into NgModules.  There is a difference between the NgModules of angular and modules used by JavaScript. When a person creates an app using angular modules it has a root module that gives the idea of launching an app. There are different functional modules contained in a functional app. you can use a single module or share different modules for creating a web app.

You can also import functions from other NgModules and can use their function in other NgModules. This can help a developer to organize the code efficiently and develop complex apps. This helps in using modules when needed and helps in reducing the number of codes required for the startup of an application.


There is one component for each angular application which is called the root component. The root component helps to form a connection between the component hierarchy and the document object model of the page. Every component has a group containing data of application and logic which is concerned with the HTML template.


These are used for modifying the class of JavaScript. Angular possesses many decorators that help to join particular types of classes and metadata. This helps the system to understand different classes and their functioning.

Templates and directives

Templates are used for combining angular markup with HTML that helps to change the elements of HTML before displaying. Template and directive help to give program logic and data binding helps to make a connection between your data of application and DOM. Data binding may be event binding or property binding.  If you want to improve the experience of users you can use pipes in your templates.

Services and dependency injection

If you want to share data and logic that is not related to any particular view you can make a service class. Dependency injection is a tool used to keep your component classes efficient because they do not use any data from the server. They verify the user input and directly go to the console.

A proper flow of contents

The software uses a flow of contents that helps to create, test, use and remove things easily. Angular also uses a lifecycle that makes it easy for the developer to understand the mistakes. A developer can go through different steps to find out the error easily. They can correct the error quickly, test it again, and launch the web app. Thus, it is easy for a developer to find the error quickly when using angular for creating apps.

Best structure and practices

In angular, there are specific processes available that have been used by people for many years and developers use these processes for building an efficient web application. The syntax used in angular is very clear and easy to use. A developer needs to understand the different contexts and features of angular and how to put them together to achieve practical goals. You can build an app successfully by using the structure properly and using the right practices.

Forms and validates

Forms and validates are the most important components of any front-end software. Angular uses different ways to make smart and data-driven forms.  The most common way of the form used in angular is reactive forms. Many other ways are also available such as custom validates and template drivers. You can learn more about validates along with the CSS to enhance your knowledge and make your app functional.

Easy to transfer data

Another important feature of angular is the easy transfer of data which means that you can easily transfer data from one component to another. It helps in transferring a small amount of data into a bigger component to make it more understandable and usable. This helps the developer to understand the flow of data in different components.

Route guards

Route guards are used in angular when you are using a login. It is important to protect certain views . Route guards help to protect your views because it helps to find out if a particular route should be given access or not.

Managing application with RxJs

It is important to use the right structure of your data that is seen by the user. If your data is not represented properly it will not look good to the user and it will be a mess.  The most important feature of angular is that you can manage your data easily by using RxJs. Your data may get lost while transferring from a small component to a bigger component but RxJs help to store it efficiently.


Angular is a very broad subject.  When you use angular for building apps you have to learn and understand different features and components properly. But, as you start the process of learning you can get the experience of using the features appropriately. You must have practical guidance and knowledge about the different components and features of angular to make its right use. You can get access to angular tutorials and videos available online to master it. You can start with building a simple and smaller app to get into something bigger.


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