Android Phones Still Better Option for More Users Than iPhones

by Ester Adams

This year, Apple added several new features to its iPhone lineup, including wireless charging and a high-resolution OLED display on the iPhone X. Likewise, iOS 11 brought refinements to Apple’s phones. But even though iPhones are as good as they’ve ever been, Android handsets still offer a better combination of features and value than Apple’s limited selection.

Lot of people say that the iPhone is best but there are also many reasons available that consider that android is still better then iPhone in some of its features.

The Android platform takes off the training wheels, enabling consumers to select their own hardware and software, and giving access to key features such as 3.5mm headphone jacks and USB-C ports that the iPhone X does not offer.

So below are some features that make Android phones much more reliable than iPhones.

Widgets, Skins, and Customization

Apple believes it knows what’s best for you, regardless of what you need or want, so it controls the user interface and offers fewer customization options than android. The widgets available to you are limited. Unlike iOS, Android allows you to display widgets on your home or lock screen to provide everything from weather updates to music playback.

In addition to the core operating system, Samsung and LG provide custom “skins” that give the operating system a distinct look and feel. You can also customize the launcher or theme on your phone – making it look and feel totally different and unique to you.

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More Security options

All of Apple’s iPhone 6 series phones come with the Touch ID fingerprint recognition system, but they don’t offer facial or retinal recognition. On the iPhone X, facial recognition is available, but neither fingerprint recognition nor retinal recognition is available. But on the contrary you have a number of options for authentication on Android devices. For example, Samsung’s most recent Galaxy phones offer you a choice of fingerprint, retina or facial recognition it mean android gives you more security options then iPhone 

Facility of Back Button

Anywhere on the Android device, you can quickly and easily return to the previous screen with just a single click of the back button. This works across all apps as well. If you go to a Facebook link and get redirected to the Chrome browser, hitting the back button will take you back to the social media application.

There are contextual back buttons within apps as well as links that lead you back to another app on the iPhone. But there isn’t a universal back button.

Multiple Window Support

You need an Android phone if you want to multitask on your phone. The most recent two versions of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 7 Nougat and Android 8 Oreo, both come with a multi window mode, which lets you view the company website in one window while you reply to your boss’ email in another. 

Despite not having the latest OS updates, LG and Samsung phones already come equipped with this split-screen feature. In iOS, there is a split-screen view, but it is only available on Apple’s tablets and not on Apple’s phones.

The Bottom Line

IPhone mobile phones are not degraded since they have their own market since they are good in many ways. If we compare the iPhone to the android ecosystem, it would be more difficult to compare the two. Everybody has their own preference because some love an iPhone, while others love Android. But everyone is concerned about where to find the best smartphone at the most affordable price

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