6 Recommended Apps for Watching Cartoons and Anime on Android

by kbing

There are so many cartoon and anime streaming apps out there that claim to provide the best services and an amazing content library. However, you cannot just choose an app blindly just because it says so. You need an app that is both safe and has all the necessary features you need for a complete streaming experience.

Keeping all this and so many other considerations in mind, we have come up with six amazing apps which will give you the best anime and cartoon streaming experience without a doubt.

Here are some of the most recommended apps for cartoons and anime streaming that you need to check out right now

  • Crunchyroll

This streaming app is among the best kisscartoon alternatives and is loved by anime fans all over the globe. It is light in size and has so many cool features to make your streaming worthwhile.

You can read the plots of new shows, see the ratings, check out updated shows and movies, or see the popular section to discover new and interesting shows. The app also comes with a community chat forum where you can mingle with other cartoon and anime lovers like yourself.

  • Hulu

This paid streaming platform has a huge content library and anime and cartoon shows/movies are a huge part of it. You can also watch here sports, TV shows, live-action films and so much more.

Hulu stands out for its amazing streaming features that include video quality adjustment, fast loading speed, watch history, bookmark, favorites, etc. The app hosts all the mainstream anime shows including Boruto, DBS, One piece and so many more. You can never run out of content to stream if you go with this particular app.

  • Pluto TV

This app has an amazing cartoons library and its search bar comes with an auto-completion feature that saves your time. The layout of the app is very simple, interactive, and efficient. Anyone with the basic knowledge of mobile apps can use it to stream whatever anime, show, or movie they want.

The app gets regular updates which are aimed at including the latest content and removing any existing bugs.

  • Boomerang

This app makes streaming anime so much easier and funs thanks to its popular/ trending, latest, and today’s hits options. You can browse these options to find new and exciting shows to watch in your free time.

This app does not give you many ads or popups that might interrupt your streaming experience. Fans love it for its simple interface and fast video loading speed.

  • Netflix

This is another great streaming app that is getting more and more popular among cartoon and anime fans all over the world. It hosts a huge number of cartoons shows in HD quality and the new ones are being added every day.

This site allows you to watch your favorite anime shows and movies with zero buffering. You get many cool features like adding shows to favorites, a section where you can see the shows that you last watched and resume from there, and recommendations based on your interests.

  • AnimeLab

This app has anime shows and movies from over 32 genres. You can watch here both the latest as well as old anime shows from the 90s. Animelab offers fast loading speed, and control over the video resolution while you watch the content online.

You can stream this app across a number of devices including phones, tablets, TVs, consoles, etc. AnimeLab is extremely user-friendly just like movierulz which is the reason why so many people are turning to it for their anime and cartoon needs.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the trending streaming apps which can give you the best anime and cartoon watching experience. All these apps are completely secure, and they offer various streaming services that you can benefit from.

Try out one or more of these apps if you really wish to make the most out of your anime streaming experience. We guarantee that if you give these apps a go, you will never have to worry about missing out on great anime/cartoon movies and shows ever.


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