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Are you a game lover? You might like this article. In this article, we are going to provide details about an exciting website, ApunKaGames. ApunKaGames is a website that allows players to download their favorite premium PC games for free. Users can play top-rated premium games without paying any subscription charges. But it is to be noted that the website is illegal. And the government can ban it anytime. If you want to know more about ApunKaGames, let’s proceed.

Features of ApunKaGames

The most prominent feature of the website is that, unlike other websites, it offers free games. Users can download any game, available on the website fastly and safely. On ApunKaGames, you can find games of all time, from the oldest to the latest. The website offers a massive collection of games for users. And users can download compressed games for free.

They even don’t require registration to download games from ApunKaGames. It comes with super exciting features like Patches, Guides, Reviews, and Game updates. Also, users can request a specific game in case it is not available on the website. Plus, the interface of the website is easy to understand and user-friendly. It is designed in a way that anyone can easily download games from ApunKaGames.

Please Note That:

We do not recommend users use the ApunKaGames website. It is an illegal website, and promoting it is a punishable offense. The only purpose of this article is to provide information.

ApunKaGames Games Categories

A gamer can understand the craving to try different types of games. We do not always play the same kind of game all the time. Sometimes, we choose to play according to our mood. So, ApunKaGames offers different categories of games for users. Here is the list of genres that you will find on the website.

  • Action
  • Shooting
  • Virtual Reality
  • Horror
  • Fighting
  • Indie
  • Casual
  • Racing
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Simulation
  • Adventure
  • Games under a specific size
  • GTA Games
  • RPG
  • PC games list
  • Strategy
  • and more.

ApunKaGames Games Collection

One of the best features of ApunKaGames is that it has a massive collection of games. It allows users to download all the games available on the website for free. Users can find games of all time from the oldest to the latest ones. And all are available for free.

If we talk about the categories of the game, ApunKaGames has a collection of games of all genres. It has Action games, Adventure games, Racing games, Simulation games, Virtual Reality games, Horror games, Shooting games, Fighting games, and more. You can also find top-rated games on ApunKaGames.

Easy And Free Game Downloads

‘Time is the most important’, ApunKaGames perfectly works on this principle. The website is designed in a way that one can easily download games in no time. All you need to do is to go to the official ApunKaGames website. Once you are there, select a game! Or you can also search for a game, it offers different category games. After selecting a game, download the compressed game on your device/system. So, you can get your game in no time.

Exciting Games And Features

As mentioned above, ApunKaGames offers a lot of features to its users. And having a huge database of different category games is one of them. ApunKaGames has a lot of games to offer. Some of the most popular games on the website are listed below.

  • FIFA19
  • Yakuza Kiwami
  • Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
  • Mafia III
  • ApunKaGames GTA 5
  • ApunKaGames Call of Duty
  • and more.

Alternatives to ApunKaGames

And if you want to try more websites like ApunKaGames, then head out to this section. Here are the top 5 alternatives to ApunKaGames.

1: IGG Games

IGG Games is a well-known platform for downloading games of all types. Similar to ApunKaGames, it also allows you to download premium PC games for free. You can find here Action Games, Shooting Games, Battle Royale Games, Racing Games, Fighting games, and more.

2: Ova Games

Ova Games is another name from the list. It has a huge database of PC games with thousands of games. Users can download top-rated and premium games for free. On Ova Games, you can find games of different categories like Fighting, Shooting, Horror, Simulation, and a lot more.

3: MegaGames

One of the most popular PC game downloading platforms is MegaGames. It offers trendy and popular games for free. Additionally, it comes with games news, patches, and more. You can enjoy playing your favorite games without registration.

4: GamerSky

GamerSky can also replace ApunKaGames perfectly as it has a wide range of games available for users. It offers over 70 different categories of games for users. The website has millions of users worldwide.

5: Skidrow Games

Last but not least, Skidrow Games. It offers the world’s best 2000+ games for users. You can download the best PC games with this website. Along with games, you can know about the new game updates with game news.


Is ApunKaGames Trusted?

You can easily use ApunKaGames to download games of all types. And no doubt, the website works efficiently and properly. It allows users to download games of all times and genres for free. But the thing is, it is an illegal website. And the government can ban it anytime because it illegally provides free games to users.

How can I Download ApunKaGames?

Downloading games from ApunKaGames is not a tricky task. All you have to do is visit the website. Make sure you visit the official website. And then select a game or search for a game. Select a game and download it on your system for free.

Why ApunKaGames?

ApunKaGames allows you to play any games available on ApunKaGames for free. On most websites, you need to pay a fee to enjoy playing games. With ApunKaGames, you can download numerous compressed games for free.


ApunKaGames is a great website for downloading PC games for free. If you were searching for a method to download premium PC games for free, ApunKaGames is the answer. But the only limitation is that it illegally uploads games. So, we can not recommend users to use this ApunKaGames website. Above, we have provided all the details about ApunKaGames. You can read the article for more details.

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