Best android applications for video downloading

by kbing

Our mobile phones have become the TV screens that all of us are always inclined to use. If you are one of the millions of people who enjoy watching videos on an android smartphone, then we would suggest you read this post. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the best android video downloader apps which can assist you in saving videos from their original sources. Watching online videos has two drawbacks. The first one is that it puts a load on your mobile’s processor and the second one is that it consumes a lot of your web data. Saving videos and watching them offline can help you avoid both of these issues.

There are thousands of video downloaders available on Google play, but not all of them are reliable and free to use. This is why we have listed out the best all internet video downloader apps here in this post.

Easy and Fast video downloader mates for android users!

Here are some of the best video downloader android apps that can help you save all kinds of video content from the web.

All Video Downloader – Team360

This is another good video downloader tool that can be used on your android phone. This application has a smooth interface which makes video downloading easier for you. The all video downloader has collaborations with thousands of websites which makes it one of the best all video downloader utilities. Here you should know that this all in one video downloader app can help you in saving videos from not only websites but also social media platforms. The best thing about this video downloader is its speed. It can literally save video clips from your favorite resources in less than seconds.

Tube Mate

Tube mate is a very famous video downloader app for android users. This application is easy to use. It is famous majorly because it is capable of saving not just one video but multiple videos at the same time. With this video downloader application, you can easily save video clips from YouTube and all leading video surfing websites. If you are looking for a lightweight and quick video downloader, then you can trust the tube mate free video downloader.

Snap Tube

Snap tube is another top-rated android application that can help you save videos from your desired platforms. Snap tube is famous because of its crazy features, which is why we would urge you to try it. Snap tube helps you save videos with the help of their URL. Also, know that there is a built-in browser offered by this app that helps you find out videos with the help of keywords.


This is another free video downloader app that you can install on your android phone or tablet. This application comes with a sleek design which is quite useful when it comes to winning the attention of a user. You just need to enter the link to the video that you want to download and hit the save button. You can get the videos saved in your local storage within minutes. 

These are some of the best android applications that can help you save videos on your mobile for offline streaming.

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