Best VoIP Service Providers for Low-Cost International Calling in 2022

by hr forhad

Have you ever cut a long distance or international phone conversation short with either a client or a remote employee because you were worried about racking up a hefty phone bill? If you frequently make overseas calls via a traditional landline, you know how easy it is to run up your phone bills due to the high call charges. Fortunately, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solutions have helped businesses stay connected to clients, partners, suppliers, and employees overseas without breaking the bank.

VoIP technology converts your voice to audio packets and then uses the internet to route calls, which bypasses traditional phone company lines and saves users as much as 45% on their phone bills each month. In fact, cheap calling rates are one of the best reasons many businesses switch to VoIP. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get unlimited local and long-distance calling. Some providers even include a select number of international phone number minutes per month! Most providers also offer their customers free on-network calling, meaning that you can call clients or customers on the same service for free.

If you’d like to enjoy international calling minus the massive call charges, then it’s time you make the move to VoIP. Below are some of the best VoIP service providers that offer their users affordable, crystal-clear international calling:


As one of the leading names in the industry, Vonage offers high-quality international calling at incredibly low rates. Business users simply have to avail themselves of the International Long Distance feature to take advantage of their international rates – no need to subscribe to additional long distance plans. To check the rates for different international locations, simply use their Rate Locator. Vonage also offers VoIP solutions like Unified Communcations, Quality of Service (SD-WAN, MPLS Network), integrations, and more. They also offer businesses the option to search for solutions based on industry.

For residential Vonage users, Vonage offers a variety of plans that come with unlimited calling to various destinations. Their plans include Vonage North America, Vonage World, Vonage US and Canada 400, and Vonage 3000 to Globe Philippines. Their service also includes the option to Keep Your Existing phone number and comes with a free phone adapter, free shipping, and free activation.


Awarded by PCMag as the #1 VoIP Provider for Small Business, Ooma Office offers low international calling rates for businesses. In fact, rates to top destinations including Canada, China, Mexico, and the United Kingdom cost less than a minute.

Ooma offers solutions to both residential customers as well as small businesses. Their phone solutions have affordable monthly pricing, included features, and crystal-clear voice quality.


One of the more established names in the VoIP industry, RingCentral offers unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada with all of their plan tiers. Additionally, their international dialing rates are some of the cheapest in the industry, less than one cent per minute for some locations. Review their current international rates at VoipReview. Aside from unlimited U.S. and Canada calling with their Standard, Premium, and Enterprise Office plans, RingCentral offers an allotted number of included toll-free minutes (varies by the plan you choose).

For businesses spanning multiple branches around the world, you can also choose to expand your system with an add-on package called the Global Office Plan. Starting at $4.99 per month per user, businesses that employ staff from different locations can now access all the advanced phone features from one business phone system. Each Global Office account comes with 1,000 minutes of in-region calling credits per user per month, on top of unlimited US, Canada, and extension-to-extension calling.


Another reliable and award-winning VoIP service provider to consider is Fonality. Fonality offers three business phone plans: Essentials ($19.99 per user/per month), Professional ($24.99 per user/per month), and Ultimate ($34.99 per user/per month). All of their plans include a rich set of over 100 phone features plus unlimited calling in the USA + Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Fonality provides additional resources and unified communications to their customers (Heads Up Display collaboration, web-based portal, and more) on top of flexible deployment and payment to fit your business needs.

magicJack for Business

Whether you’re running a home-based business or a growing enterprise, magicJack for Business can help ensure you get the most for your money with their cheap calling rates. MagicJack’s Home and Office ($14.99 per month) and Premium ($24.99 per month) plans include professional features that help boost productivity. Both plans also come with unlimited calling to the US and Canada, saving you money. To help businesses increase their international presence while keeping calling costs low, magicJack offers some of the cheapest calling rates to select destinations.

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