Best Way to Print Your Custom Boxes

by hr forhad

Before you start designing and printing your custom boxes, you might have a few basic questions. Follow along with this article to get a clearer understanding of all the various types of boxes and their advantages, different materials and printing choices, and things to remember while using the web to bring your ideas into customized boxes.

Tools and Equipements

You don’t need to bother with a lot of tools, big fancy press machines to print custom boxes. Assuming all you have is a screen, that is all right. In general, you’d have essentially a one-color press to maintain consistency. For the present, use what you have.


To get started, you want to choose a box of 10″ x 8″ x 6”. Which is the standard size for shipping products such as shirts, sweaters, and hats. Choose what best fits you and your store’s requirements if you have a store.

Every time you have chosen a box, you will need to measure the sides you want to print on. You can print on the top and bottom folds as well as the side panels. Start your measurements of the outside edges of the box. To take the side panel measurements, carefully fold the box so that the edges are closer together. make the box flat and use the wrinkles as rulers when measuring the panels.

Printing on the Box

In short, why do you need to print with water-based ink? Many reasons. For starters, the water-based ink will saturate the printing on the box better, while the plastisol ink will stay on the surface of the box. The ink in the top of the box may be scratched or damaged during delivery, which would only be bad for the brand. Another advantage of using water-based ink is if you’re working with an elementary setup. Water-based ink will dry out in the long run, so if you don’t have materials to repair the ink, you’ll be fine.

On that note, water-based ink can also dry out on the screen. With that in mind, don’t leave a screen open for more than 30 seconds or you’ll have a lot more work to do. Keep the screens overflowing!

Last Touches

When you’re done with the boxes, clean the ink off the screen and store it for future use. If you want to be more professional, you can invest in some custom tape to put on the boxes to make them look nicer.

If you simply add another color to the print for the customized box, you can increase the cost by 10% approximately, although this cost will gradually increase for each additional color added. While high-end box printing will be the most expensive.

Overall, that’s all we can say about the custom boxes process, it’s a simple and great way to show the world how creative you are. When you have time, try it. It can become part of your routine pretty quickly.

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