Best Ways to Look and Sound Better in Video Meetings

by hr forhad

Video meetings are a very convenient way to talk to your employees and audience, especially if your business is remote or sells online. It’s also much comfier to hold meetings from your own home instead of an office. However, this doesn’t mean that video meetings are more casual or don’t require a certain degree of professionalism. There are some true and tried tips you can take advantage of if you want to sound and look better in your next video meeting.

Dress accordingly

Even if you’re just having the meeting from your home, you should still dress like you’re going to the office. Doing your hair and putting on your work clothes will set the tone for the meeting and let people know that things are serious regardless of where they are.

Aside from helping you make a professional impression, your work clothes can also put you in the right mindset to hold a meeting. They’ll make you feel like you’re actually going to work which will put you in the best mood for your meeting. Thus, you’ll be able to give a better presentation and you’ll look extra professional while doing it.

Get a better webcam

Sometimes you can do everything right but still appear looking dirty in the meeting. This is usually because your webcam isn’t good enough. To look better, you should invest in a high quality webcam for your computer. Even if you have a laptop with an integrated camera, consider upgrading to an external one.

Thankfully, good cameras are more affordable today, so you won’t have to front a lot of cash to improve your professional image. A better webcam will also make your movements appear smoother and more natural, on top of showing everyone the best version of you.

Replace the mic too

While you’re at it, you might as well replace your mic. A high-quality mic makes all the difference, especially when it comes to longer meetings. You won’t have to be afraid that people didn’t catch what you said and you don’t have to enunciate your words just to be understood.

A better mic allows you to focus on the conversation and presentation without you having to worry whether things are clear to everyone involved. It’s usually best to replace the camera and mic at the same time, as they work together to make the meeting more productive.

Choose the conference software wisely

Without a reliable software, your whole presentation is meaningless. One aspect of professionalism is reliability and responsibility. A reliable video conferencing software will keep you supported throughout the whole meeting regardless of how many people are participating.

You won’t have to worry about your signal cutting out or your screen not being shared. It helps to keep things running smoothly, but it also gives you one less thing to worry about. Free softwares are overrated, as they have a lot of bugs and can often crash, so invest in yourself and your team and ensure you always have the best possible meetings.

Don’t forget about the background

People are often so busy making themselves look presentable and improving their equipment that they completely forget about the background. It’s easy to sit in a place in your home where the rest of the house is visible. Even if you tidy up, it can still look unprofessional to share your home life with your employees like that.

For this reason, you should find a quiet corner in the house and have your meetings there. Of course, you should sit against a wall so that your camera only catches it behind you while you’re in your meeting. If you can’t sit against the wall, try to make use of custom backgrounds in the software where the meeting is held. You can choose a background that looks like an office and seem very professional this way.

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As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to make yourself sound and look better on camera. With these tips, you’re likely to leave a lasting impression on your audience and your employees. When it comes to video meetings, every detail is important, and this checklist allows you to easily optimize the setting so you can put your best self forth during the meeting. If you’re looking to record and edit your video meetings, an online video editor will come in handy.

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