Biography of Nina Urgent

by hr forhad

Nina was born in the family of a military officer, an Estonian by nationality. The mother of the future actress was Russian her name Veronica Perasso. Urgent constantly moved from garrison to garrison. When Nina Urgent was 11 years old, the war began. Father went to the front, and he and his mother were left alone in the city of Daugavpils (Latvian SSR), which German troops entered a few days later. In one of the interviews, Nina Nikolaevna recalled that she saw how Jews, adults, and children, we’re driven to be shot. 

The actress will not be able to forget their eyes until now. Nina herself had to hide during the raids, hide from the policemen so that they would not steal her, like many other girls, to Germany. Nina showed artistic abilities from early childhood. At school, she even had the nickname “Ninka the Artist”, because she took part in all creative activities. After the end of the war, Nina urgently received a matriculation certificate and went to Leningrad to enter the theater institute. She managed to withstand huge competition and become a student of the acting department.

After graduating from high school in 1953. Urgent were assign to the Yaroslavl Academic Theater but returned to Leningrad a year later. The actress was invited to work on the stage of the Lenin Komsomol Theater (now the Baltic House Theatre). In 1962, she joined the Pushkin Theater (now the Alexandrinsky Theatre), where she worked until recently. 

She was the star of this scene and is considered her legend.
The debut of Nina Urgant in the cinema took place in 1954. In the film “Tiger Tamer”, the actress got the role of a negative heroine. Since then, the actress has played more than 50 roles in movies and TV shows. Many love by the audience. After the release of the films “Sons Go to Battle” and “Belarusian Station”, in 1974 the actress received the State Prize of the USSR and the title of People’s Artist.

In the summer of 2014, in an interview, Nina Urgant admitted that she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The actress is trying with all her might with the help of her relatives to maintain her sanity and motor ability.

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Personal life of Nina Urgent

The first husband of the actress was a theater colleague Kendra Karter. In this marriage, the son Andrei was born, who inherited his mother’s surname and is currently also a popular artist. From Andrey, Nina Nikolaevna has a grandson Ivan (a famous showman), and a granddaughter Maria (who lives in the Netherlands). They have four great-grandchildren – Nina, Valeria, Emir, and Gabriel.

Throughout her life, the actress got married twice more. Her chosen ones were actor Gennady Voropaev and choreographer Kirill Laskari.

Documentary film

  • 1974 – Nina Urgant. Film portrait
  • 2004 – Nina Urgant’s Planet
  • 2005-2007 – How the idols left
  • 2009 – Nina Urgant. Be authentic
  • 2009 – Nina Urgant. Three cats and two men
  • 2014 – Nina Urgant. A fairy tale for grandma

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