Buying Guide of Progressive Die Tooling – Benefits & Reputed Manufacturers

by hr forhad

Progressive die tooling is essential to manufacture an extensive component and part range. Progressive die tooling is a metal stamping process where multiple processes take place in a single stroke of stamping press. It has various stages as per the prescribed requirements for shaping the strip into desirable forms. 

Progressive die manufacturers feed the material to the press from the spool. It continues to pass from one stamping location to another with every stroke. Every station on the pathway performs a single operation while the die continues descending and the finished part is complete. It involves the integration of various steps in one die, allowing quick, economical, and efficient progressive tooling solutions.

What is meant by progressive tooling?

It is an optimum alternative to shift the presses, allowing the implementation of multiple stages in one go. The design idea is to pass the strip materials, push them, and guide them further with each stroke.

These tooling systems are a prominent part of the progressive die or stamping press operating automatically. These dies are types of tools that perform various processes in the punch press. 

The final product involves successive processing of parts at adjoining stations. The product then separates from its band using particular operations at the final stage. The end-product ultimately falls from the press through an opening in its container, facilitating collections of these final products. The scrap material accumulation at every cycle is collected in the containers near the conveyor. As the scrap falls at each station, it is collected in these containers.

What are the benefits of progressive die tooling from reputed manufacturers?

Progressive die tooling offers multiple benefits as follows.

  • High Speed

It ensures low cycle times for each part, ensuring high volume production.

  • Minimal scrap generation

Progressive die tooling utilizes most of the materials during the progressive stamping process. It involves different processes like punching, bending, coining, and more. This way, the material transforms into the desired form, and the end product results in minimal scrap production. Hence, it is also a cost-effective manufacturing process.

  • Reduced cost for each part

With the above significant savings, the overall cost of the final product reduces. Progressive die stamping ensures robust processes ensuring efficient, faster, and high-quality production.

  • Long run

The tooling setup and metal or material changes lead to faster product production.

  • Quick setup

The process requires less time for setup compared to the traditional ones, resulting in saving time and costs.

  • Durable designs

Choosing reputed progressive die manufacturers guarantees every product is durable and long-lasting as they use high-end technology.

Final thoughts!

Always select reputed progressive die manufacturers that ensure high-product standards and fulfill customer requirements. Manufacturers like Eigen ensure quick delivery of components that meet international standards. The company also offers a customization service, ensuring customer requirements are met. The company uses high-end machinery and top-notch Wire EDM technology to make flawless and economical parts.

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