Car Inspection Services: 8 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Car In 2022

by kbing

Considering buying a car in installments? It tends to be a convenient decision for some, assuming one can track down an incredible car loan arrangement. The process usually comes down to finding a desirable vehicle that offers a ton of benefit, which is why a vehicle inspection allowing the car check before buying is so significant. Car inspection services offer you the chance to sort out a vehicle’s worth and conclude whether you’re buying precisely the thing the vendor is advertising or not.

You should pay special attention to various significant factors while purchasing a used vehicle. There is a good chance that you’re uncertain of how to review a pre-owned car. Therefore hiring Car inspection services of an automobile company such as PakWheels can come in handy. Such companies dispatch a car inspection team that inspect your car on more than 210 points, producing a comprehensive report within an hour.

Listed below are 8 things you need to check for before buying a used car, through the car inspection report.

1.Who is the Owner

Evaluate and try to understand the personality of the car owner. While this probably won’t be completely important (depending upon the sort of review and vehicle), it’s a great practice to connect the proprietor and vehicle whenever the situation allows. Assuming the owner has been using the car with care, it will appear through the condition, and if not, the car will talk for itself.

2.Examine Car Model, Year and Mileage

Overall, a vehicle should travel around 20,000km each year. Above that will start showing on the car through its condition, tyres and engine sounds, etc. Besides, check the archives of the vehicle, i.e., car book (authentic or not), any police report, token duty paid, and so forth.

3.Investigate the Car’s History

Research the vehicle history to check whether the car was involved in any past accident. The dealer or owner may tell you another story, but you have to check it through the car inspection services. As mentioned earlier, you’ll need the vehicle inspection report to be entirely sure.

4.Examine Vehicle’s Paint

A close glance at the paint of the car can uncover hidden facts. Analyze strokes for shading consistency. Furthermore, if the shades aren’t matching precisely, the vehicle was most likely in an accident.

Also, check for rust, and if you observe rust on the vehicle’s bodywork, it might simply be a minor issue; however, you should look closely because it could be an expensive issue to fix. Outline rust, for instance, could affect the performance of the vehicle and can be a danger to the vehicle’s life span. After checking the rust on the vehicle’s body, check the engine bay and the underside for additional signs.

5.Brake Test

This may be the most critical aspect of the whole car inspection process because it is a matter of your safety. If the brakes do not work correctly, it can cause a major accident for you and others. So, always check the performance of brakes and how hard/soft they are as per your driving style. Also, check the brake oil and its level; if lower, get it filled. Furthermore, check for any possible leak of brake oil because it will make your driving very hard over time. So, drive the car at a specific speed, you usually drive, for example, around 60km/h and then apply brakes to check whether they are working correctly.


Additionally, measure the width of brake cushions by eliminating the front wheel. If the cushions are not exactly ⅛ inches thick, they need to be replaced right away. In addition, to check the performance of the emergency brake, take the car to a steep incline and drive it down, while unbiased, applying the crisis brake.

6.Check Defrosters and Warming

Defrosters can fill in as help during winters. A driver might find it hard to see outside the vehicle if ice or mist is layered on the windshield. It might likewise bring about an incident. Check the defroster by switching it on and off while the wind blows outside. Sit in the car for some time; the car windscreen and window glasses will defrost. Then switch on the defrosters; you will see its performance instantly.

7.Take a Serious Look at Tires

Tires run your car and ensure a smooth ride and experience for you and your family. So, take a good look at them before buying a used car. Go for a test drive, take it on a bumpy road and check the vehicle inspection report and then decide whether you want the exact tires or new ones.


Furthermore, the tires should be ready to use, and the pressure in them should be accurate for a good drive. Keep a tire change kit and an extra tire inside the vehicle for a more secure side.

8.Check for Any Leaks

Any leaks in the car could be a serious danger to you, your passengers, and others on the road. So, check the vehicle inspection report in detail and ensure there are no leaks in the engine, pedals, gearshift, etc. If there are any leaks, inform the owner/dealer and ask him to resolve the issue because it is essential to avoiding a serious hindrance in the future.

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