Career Predictions in 2022 That You Should Know About

by hr forhad

Have you been looking into mechanical engineering staffing agencies in the hopes of getting a job? Did you apply to online jobs searching for a remote opportunity? Whatever you’re planning for your career, make sure that you know what the experts are saying this year. Predictions made by specialists are often good guidelines of what to do and what not to do. Hence, in 2022, make sure you know the following things before making any significant changes in your professional life!

Career Predictions in 2022 That You Should Know About

The following predictions have come from experts, researchers, and experienced people in the business industry internationally. While they are not rules as to what you should and should not expect, they are good guidelines before you make any changes or execute any plans:

#1. LinkedIn Will Lead

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has been one of the most popular social media platforms in terms of career and professional management. According to experts and observers, LinkedIn will supposedly continue to remain a critical tool for career management. In fact, a study concluded that about 122 million people had their interviews via LinkedIn profiles. Furthermore, 35.5 million people found a job opportunity thanks to their connections on the platform. These statistics are only supposed to rise in 2022, so you don’t want to miss out on this expanding platform.

#2. Higher Salaries Is the Next Big Trend  

The ongoing trend is that higher wages drive people’s decisions to change jobs. According to these people, their salary is more important than the perks, benefits, and flexibility of their job. For most people, a higher wage remains the top concern and is the sole driver of their career decisions. In turn, employers and businesses are now using this to attract talented individuals and recruit exceptional individuals. Therefore, they are aggressively and quickly raising salary offers to attract the best of the crowd.

#3. Increased Job Hunters

During the pandemic, thousands and millions of people were laid off. Afterward, many quit their jobs, decided to work remotely, or became entrepreneurs. In 2002, it was expected that the number of job hunters would increase as many of these people would want to go back to work. Hence, the competition will be exceptional because the market will be saturated with people applying for the same jobs as you. Hence, you might want to think it through and decide if this is the right time to go job hunting. Have you got the upper hand? Are you sure you can struggle through the crowd? What makes you unique, and why do you think they’ll hire you instead of the others?

#4. Job Hopping Prevails

Better salaries will result in frequent job-hopping amongst the millennials and generation Z, people in the 20s and 30s. Everyone wants better money, a better environment, and expanded growth opportunities. Furthermore, the growing reports of harassment, inequality, and other workplace issues have made job-hopping even more frequent as people prefer peace over just money. Plus, with the upcoming trend of higher salaries, most of them don’t have to sacrifice their high wages to change jobs.

#5. Zoom Will Stay

The latest remote work lifestyle is here to stay, as many predicted at the pandemic’s beginning. Businesses, offices, and organizations have now accommodated the new way of work and have learned the benefits of this lifestyle. Hence, remote working is not going anywhere for a while, especially in 2022. People have become used to it, and some even prefer it. Among all the different apps, software, and tools, Zoom is the most significant one that still hosts a rising number of users every day. The platform is expanding, evolving, and improving with time as per people’s demands and the changing circumstances in the world. Hence, it’s safe to say that in 2022, Zoom will be the choice for many people. So, if you haven’t made yourself familiar with this platform yet, you should.


No matter what you are planning in your professional life and what obstacles your career is going through, referring to advice from experts in the industry can help you get a clearer vision; the aforementioned predictions are exactly that. So, keep these predictions in mind, whether you’re looking into a temp agency Pittsburgh or hoping to find something in a law firm. They will help you walk through your journey to a better career.

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