Cherry wood: Adding elegance and beauty to your interiors

by kbing

Finding the right type of furniture for your house can be quite a task. Not all furniture is elegant and sturdy at the same time. Many times the furniture sets that may look beautiful from afar are less durable and often need to be replaced in a few years. It’s difficult to find furnishings that suit all your requirements. However, with choices like cherry wood furniture, you can be assured that you have found the right fit for your beautiful home. It has a variety of admirable characteristics like durability, strength and elegance. Purchasing cherry wood is a one-time investment as it lasts for years, even without the high maintenance. 

Types of cherry wood: 

Black cherry wood: Also known by the names American cherry, whiskey cherry and rum cherry, black cherry is extremely popular and widely used. The grains of this cherry wood is extremely smooth and straight, thereby making this an ideal choice for wood furniture. Although not visible to the naked eye, black cherry wood sometimes produce gum that gives the furnishings an attractive and unique grain. 

Sweet cherry wood: This is also known as European cherry wood and is commonly found in Asia and Europe, as the name suggests. This is the most durable wood available and can withstand tear and wear for an extensive period. Sweet cherry woods are harder and more flexible compared to black cherry wood. This wood has a medium to fine texture with a close grain. The end grain is a ring-porous consisting of tiny pores with a proper arrangement. When it comes to decay resistance, sweet cherry wood is considered reasonably durable. 

Chilean cherry: This wood contains refined and radiant grains, and the wood colour often darkens over time. Since Chilean cherry wood has a low hardness rating, it is considered to be soft and does not put pressure on machines and tools. Due to this property, it can also be effortlessly moulded. This is the most expensive wood available in the market. 

Caribbean cherry: This cherry is open-pored, dense and sturdy, making it ideal for floorings, construction and decking. Caribbean cherry has high hardness levels, putting extreme pressure on tools and machines, making it hard to work with. 

Patagonian cherry: This cherry wood also has a high hardness level making it highly durable and resistant to wear and tear for long periods. This wood has a bland and straight pattern and is primarily used in interior floors. 

Properties of cherry wood:

Creates an aesthetic appeal – Since cherry wood furniture has a reddish-brown colour with a golden tint, it looks exquisite, posh and beautiful. Cherry adds to the aesthetics of your interiors. 

Texture: Cherry wood has a straight, uniform, fine grain and glossy texture. A natural lustre is usually present, making the furnishings look smooth and shiny. 

Durability: Cherry wood furniture is highly resistant to decay and rot. This hardwood can last years with minimal maintenance. Its high durability makes this wood extremely popular. 

Workability: Due to the straight grain quality, cherry wood is significantly used for this ability. 

Strength: Cherry wood furniture is highly resistant to shock loads as it is firm and sturdy. 

Pliability: Cherry wood can be effortlessly curved, moulded and cut. Due to this outstanding property, cherry wood is used in various applications. 

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