Cinderella and Pusheen coloring pages: Help children understand more about the meaning of life and develop comprehensive skills from coloring activities

by hr forhad

Today we cannot deny the benefits that coloring pictures bring to children. You want your child to develop comprehensively through coloring pictures but do not know how to choose the type of picture. Don’t worry because we will bring you quality, cute products suitable for each age. Cinderella and Pusheen coloring pages are simple, familiar, and attractive coloring pages for children. Lovely simple animals or the characters of fairy tales they have heard are imprinted in children’s memory, so coloring familiar things will help children develop their intellect and skill comprehensively.


Cinderella coloring pages: what is the reward for the gentle and kind princesses?

Once upon a time, there lived a gorgeous girl in a kingdom. Her father died early, so she had to live with her cruel stepmother and half-sister. Day by day, they forced her to do exhausting, dirty work like a servant in the house while her sisters dressed beautifully. Due to often doing hard, arduous, dirty work clinging to the body, she is called Cinderella. One day the prince opened a ball and allowed the kingdom’s people to participate; the stepmother knew about it, so she decided not to let Cinderella go by forcing her to do all the household chores. Cinderella was so sad and burst into tears; fortunately, at that time, a kind fairy appeared and helped her become a gorgeous princess. Cinderella is wearing a princess dress and glass shoes. Her appearance surprised everyone and impressed the prince. He didn’t notice anyone but Cinderella; they had a time dancing together. But at midnight, Cinderella had to hurry back home before she reverted to her usual self. In her haste, Cinderella dropped the glass shoe. The prince picked up this shoe and sent servants across the country to find the girl who would wear fit the shoe to marry. The story ends well when the prince finds Cinderella and the two live happily ever after.

In addition to showing the reader that kind people will be happy and bad people will be punished, the story “Cinderella” also contains many other moral lessons such as seriousness in time love.

Printable Cinderella coloring sheets

The fairy tale princess Cinderella has long become an indispensable part of children’s childhood. Princess Cinderella is a cartoon character loved by many children. And indeed, the children will love it even more when they can color the Cinderella princess by themselves. The image of a beautiful and gentle princess always makes the little ones love and respect them. It will be more exciting when children can manually color their favorite pictures. Cinderella coloring pages can help children develop more comprehensively and improve their ingenuity, perseverance, and diligence. Especially when the children reach the age to learn about life and learn to hold a pen, the images of the Cinderella princess are even more attractive if they can color Cinderella themself. The coloring pictures of Cinderella princess help children practice more hand skills and quickness in color recognition.


Pusheen coloring pages: Is Pusheen your baby’s favorite cat?

All girls love the cute chubby cat named Pusheen. That’s why the image of the cat has been widely used in toys, decorative accessories, or fashion design for children. So who is Pusheen? It is a comic character created by Clarie Belton – a talented female artist in the US. In 2010, Clarie began a comic book called Everyday Cute, freely available online, about her daily life with two lovely pets, the golden-haired dog Carmen and the cat gray Pusheen. Pusheen is inspired by the model of a gray cat girl adopted by her family when Clarie was a child. From the success of the series, Pusheen has created a solid viral fever in the online community. There have been many products based on her image, and the image inspires many toy models of Pusheen and the mischievous it.


Printable Pusheen coloring sheets


Surely the lovely image of the Pusheen cat will be an exciting topic in our Pusheen coloring pages. Children who love cats or Pusheen’s naughty pictures can choose the coloring pictures they want to download. You can freely select the color you like to color and decorate the cat. Coloring for Pusheen coloring sheets will help your child have fun and exciting coloring lessons. Coloring also trains children’s skills of concentration, creativity, recognizing things around them, simple objects that children will be very attracted to them. Therefore, it will be an exciting gift for parents and teachers for children to get acquainted with simple but no less cute cartoon characters. Through the rich pictures of cats, your baby will be creative with countless different colors. Moreover, the child wants to create other suitable cats according to his preferences. Coloring pictures, in general, require children to have ingenuity, meticulousness, perseverance, and high concentration because just a little carelessness will cause the paint to be deflected, and the picture will become ugly. And people, especially children, no one does not like beauty, so every child will try to have the best coloring pictures.



Coloring takes children to a world of imagination and allows them to express themselves. Coloring is also a way for children to get used to holding a pen. The benefits of coloring for children help develop multi-faceted brains, eyes, and hands. Not only that, but it also supports children in the more flexible wrist, finger, and hand activities. That is why coloring topics for children are essential. Parents should learn about exciting and appropriate issues for each child’s age to ensure that the child is developing at the right stage. Our Cinderella and Pusheen coloring sheets and other coloring pages will satisfy the needs and interests of children and families in their education and upbringing.


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