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Every aspiring gamer who enters Counter Strike has a different goal. Some want to have fun in their free time, while others want to become a professional and succeed. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, as long as you have the desire. If you want to learn how to play the game expertly, our tips can help you. If you remember them, then mastering Counter Strike will be much easier,and you can download cs 1.6 here.

CS gaming

No need to spend a lot of time on the purchase, try as quickly as possible to leave the point, because you do not have much time to choose. Each player is given $800 in the first round, which he usually spends on standard pistol ammo, grenades or armor. The choice is up to you, but we recommend you not to buy grenades yet, because you don’t know how to throw them properly, and they will become a useless waste of money.

As soon as you appear in the game, don’t run straight into the attack. Wait a couple of seconds and figure out what’s going on and how best to proceed. If you have experienced players on your team, then perhaps they will give you the job.

Do not confuse kontra with other shooters, where everything is much easier. This is not just a primitive shooter, here you have to prepare a long time to show good results. Be judicious, do not rush to make decisions, calculate a few steps ahead, not only your actions, but also the enemy, then your chances of victory increase.

CS 1.6 speed map

Choose the average pace of movement on the map, do not crawl around like a turtle, and scurry with great speed on the map. Do not create unnecessary noise, because the enemy will quickly figure you out. If your gun has a silencer, use it when the situation demands it. If you have found a hiding place where you can hide after the shot, you must change it as soon as you wound or kill your enemy. Because then your opponent is bound to come after you and kill you. Try to learn the most popular maps as quickly as possible, so you know the places where you can hide, or where your enemy can sit. This is a huge advantage, so be sure to do it.

Try to listen for every rustle, this will allow you to attack first. You need to be very attentive in Counter Strike to win, and not to die at the beginning of the round. When you are moving around the map, periodically look around, so you won’t suddenly get shot. This game is full of danger in the most unexpected places, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you need to run somewhere urgently, then switch to the knife, so your speed will increase. Plus the jumping distance will also improve, so take advantage of this.

Try not to move on the map in a straight line, because you will quickly become easy prey for the sniper. Learn to do strafe, then it will be difficult for any enemy to hit you. Also, you can move in a zigzag pattern, and it will be difficult for the enemy to aim.

Do not even think about going on the road, when you have a light. Your enemy will not only kill you quickly, but he will also laugh at you, because you are doing very stupid thing, so you will pay with your life.

If you have somewhere to jump to, but it’s too low for you, then try to put your feet up and the height will increase. If it is too high and even jumping doesn’t help, then use your partner’s back. A window on the ground floor is often one of those hard-to-reach places, in which case you will need a companion. This maneuver will be a plus for you, because the enemy does not expect you to use such tactics.

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