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A few components lead to a good, compelling offer, a few steps that have to be followed if one wants to make a good offer. These are a few components of a good suggestion; if all of these boxes are checked, the request will turn out to be excellent.

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It is crucial to be clear the offer so that it does not confuse people; being clear about what one is selling is important. Put the request in clear words so that people can understand what you are selling, be specific about what you are selling and make sure not to use clouded words; put it as simply as you can.

If your offer is clear, there will also be fewer confused buyers who will come up; only the ones who are interested will show up. So, this is one of the important components of a good offer.


Put in the work and add value; if one is expecting a good outcome after not adding much weight, then that will really not be possible, and even if you can make the sale, there are very few chances that this is going to remain consistent, offers that don’t deliver value will be mostly refunded, and this will also lead to bad reviews.

So, it is important to add value to ensure a good offer and go out of the way to deliver massive amounts of weight, so offering a good deal is one of the most important components of a good suggestion.

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Giving a discount or even a bonus would come under a good offer, delivering a good discount that people will find hard to give up, need to provide the customers with a reason for them to buy from you right there on the spot, and that will be possible if one offers a good bonus or discount it will make the offer even more irresistible and will persuade more people towards it. So giving discounts might be a component of a good suggestion.


It is essential to communicate with people regarding the offer; people might be skeptical regarding the request, so it is very important to explain it to them; they have to be convinced one has to answer their questions and explain to them how accepting

this offer will benefit them in the future, so it is important to communicate and clarify as this will lead in your chances of making it. Be mindful that you should not trick them into giving in to the offer but present what is already there.


Make sure that you make it clear that those interested have to give a response soon. One shouldn’t give them an extended amount of time to reach out, so make it clear that this offer will not be here for a long time; maybe the offer might also expire; whatever it may be, one has to require them to respond as soon as possible, because as they leave, you might not see them again. So overall, it is very important likewise to guarantee a quick response; this is also one of the components of a good offer.


It is important to provide a guarantee if there is any risk or any damage. You have to take the risk out of the customer’s hand and put it into your hand; this will show how incredibly confident you are that the customer will love what you are going to offer. This is a great way to make a good offer; many smart marketers know the importance of a guarantee; that is why they do this because they know it will benefit them.


In conclusion, these are a few components needed to make a good, this in return will also guarantee a good response from the customers. So to make the offer a good one, one has to make sure that all of these steps are followed.

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