Considering Air Duct Cleaning Services?

by charlie

There are many reasons that you should have your air ducts cleaned, including several health benefits, longer lasting ventilation equipment and energy savings resulting from having improved air quality in your home or business. But you should be aware that not all air duct cleaning professionals are created equal.

According to the EPA, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air, up to 70 times more. Air duct cleaning performed by a professional removes airborne contaminates such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander & pollen that get trapped in HVAC systems and air ducts. As any allergy sufferer & or someone with asthma symptoms would tell you, cleaner air makes a big difference in their quality of life.

In order to clean an air duct system, professionals use a specialized, powerful vacuum which puts the ventilation system under negative pressure called a negative air machine. The process requires that the vacuum draw the air through the system, while special tools are inserted into the ducts to help remove the contaminants and debris that have hardened onto the ducts surfaces so that they enter the vacuum. A skilled professional will apply anti-microbial chemical sanitizers to the interior of the ducts to clean and the surfaces.

It’s very important that the air duct cleaning company that you chose use safe, environmentally friendly products that have been approved by the EPA. An atomizer creates a fog or mist that spreads the sanitizer product all through the air ducts and ventilation system duct cleaning Asheville. Certain family members including allergy suffers, elderly members, babies and small children can be extremely sensitive to harsh sanitizers. Some people that have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) or commonly known as “sick building syndrome” can feel as fatigue and nausea after being exposed to these sanitizers.

When an air duct cleaning professional shows up at your home or at a commercial building, he’ll most likely use one of the two popular types of vacuum collection system, a truck- mounted collection system or a portable unit. Although truck/trailer mounted equipment is considered very powerful and even more powerful than portable equipment, it can’t be brought directly into a facility, limiting its access to all of the ventilation system. Before the debris and contaminants are emptied into the collection system, the vacuum units should be safely attached to a collection device. Another requirement is that the vacuum collection device which exhausts indoors must be HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrestance) filtered for contaminants and special tools that have been designed to agitate and remove debris that are stuck onto the surface of the air ducts.

According to the EPA the price range for these services can be anywhere from $450 to $1000 per heating and cooling system based on many variables including the geographic location, additional services that are offered, depending on the services offered, the size of the system to be ventilation cleaned, type of material etc….

The old adage if it’s too good to be true applies here. If a company claims that it will do a thorough job for less, take caution, they might be here today and gone tomorrow.

Here are some other tips that you should consider before taking a decision:

• Always verify that the company is properly licensed and adequately insured for any incidental damages that they may cause.

• You should ensure that the company is going to clean and visually inspect all of the air ducts and related system components; you don’t want to pay full price for half a job.

• Find out as much as you can about the air duct cleaning company before you hire the company.

• Walk through the job with the contractor and go over the details of the inspection with him.

• Find out if he’ll be cleaning the entire system, including coils and fans?

•Ask the contractor to give you a guaranteed price before the inspection

It only takes some extra time to find out if you’re hiring the right contractor to clean your air ducts.

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