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Dear Lottery Result Today Yesterday | 8PM | 11.55am | 1pm | 4pm 

We are writing today to inform you about the Dear Lottery result. You can find out about the Dear Lottery result today 8 pm only on the main website. 

How To Get The Dear Lottery Sambad Result 

If you are still wondering how to find the result for the lottery ticket that you have bought, then let us explain it to you in steps. The first step is pretty easy, and all you will have to do is go to the official website to check. You will easily find this website once you type lottery sambad or Nagaland lottery on the internet. 

Then once you reach the site, you can click on the Lottery Sambad button. Again, the website is easy to navigate, and you should face no further problems. Then look for ‘Dear Ostrich Evening’ and search for the draw date. 

This is an important step as you will have to match the date with the one on your lottery coupon. To do so, check the coupon well and search for the date. If you are unable to spot it, just try to remember the date you bought it on. 

Then you can click ‘View’ to check the result of the Dear lottery result today. Now there are various categories to look at while checking the result. You may have won 1 crore, and that is the highest amount. However, not many can win it, but there is nothing to worry about. 

There are other categories as well where you can win 90,000 and lower amounts. You will, in fact, find a larger number of ticket numbers when looking for the result. So, please think with a clear head and try to find the number that is on your coupon. 

Now you may be wondering what to do if you have more than one coupon? We will recommend that you check one by one to see if the number is on the list of winners. Otherwise, you may just get confused and lose out on winning. 

How To Claim Your Lottery Sambad Coupon? 

Let us begin with the highest amount that you can win. So, if you have won more than one lakh rupees, then you will have to provide some necessary documents to the Nagaland State Lotteries Fund. They will take a look and verify the results. Then you may collect your money from the fund. 

If you have won 1 lakh to 20 lakhs, then you will have to submit your claim to the deputy director. Other than that, you may also have to submit the claim to the Director of the State Lotteries Department. 

However, if you win between 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees, then you will only have to submit it to the Department of District Lottery Services. On winning an amount below 50,000 rupees, you will just have to submit a claim to the ticket agents, and they can then give you the money. The process is not very complicated, and you should not face any issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dear Lottery 

1. When will the result of the lottery be available if I have bought the coupon today? 

You should be able to check the results on the same day on the website in the afternoon. It will be available for 5-6 hours, and you can claim it at any time. Mostly, you will find the Dear lottery result today 1pm, results being available from 1 pm to 6 pm and then at 8 pm again. 

2. How to check the lottery Sambad results? 

You will first have to open one of the official websites to check the results. The results are published on www.lotterysambad.com, www.nagalandlotteries.com, and www.nagalandlotterysambad.com. So, you can log in and click the needed date to find the list of numbers for the Dear lottery result today 11.55 am.

3. What is the first prize given to the winner? 

You can win a whopping amount of 1 crore if you are able to win the lottery. It can truly change your life, and you can afford all the things that you were unable to do all this time. However, there are other winning amounts as well, which can give your bank balance a boost. So, watch out for the Dear lottery result today 4 pm carefully. 

With this, we are at the end of this guide, and you can now go on and purchase coupons. Remember to do it often so that you can win a good amount. And if you missed the Dear lottery result yesterday 8 pm, check with the official page to see if they can be viewed again.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your lottery coupons and get started today! 

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