Desert Safari Dubai – Tickets & Prices | Where and How to Book and Buy

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An overview of desert safari Dubai tickets and prices; (Click for Safari Prices) Among the attractions and things to do in Dubai. Probably the most fun activity is spending a day in the desert. Currently, this is one of the two most popular activities. The “Burj Khalifa” tour program for “Desert Safari Dubai” is not just about safaris. As well as other activities such as camel riding and barbecue in the desert, for example. Of course, the most fun part of this tour is the 4×4 safari among the red dunes of the desert.

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Desert Safari Dubai Tickets & Prices

  • Dubai: Red Sand Dunes Safari, Quad Bike, Camel Sandboarding, Price, 31€ per person.
  • Dubai: morning desert safari, sandboarding, camel ride cost, 37€ per person.
  • Dubai: Red Sand Dunes Barbecue Camel Safari in Al Khaima costs 57€ per person.
  • Dubai: Desert Safari, quad bike, camel ride, Al Khayma, price, 57 € per person

What Time Does the Desert Safari Tour Start and How Long Does It Take?

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The organized desert safari dxb is approximately an hour from central Dubai, and the entire program lasts around 7 hours. Tours usually begin in the afternoon. But still some action in the morning. Suppose you don’t want to join the camp, shorter tours such as 3-4 hours.

What to Do During a Desert Safari?

Professional drivers with special licenses run these safari tours. Depending on the program you choose, The duration of the term varies between 3.5 and 7 hours, which takes about an hour or two by driving on the dunes. Of course, you also have the opportunity to take some incredible photos and go barefoot. On the sand, you also can take pictures with desert people who live in the desert and hunt for falcons according to tradition.

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Is It Safe to Ride a Camel?

but for most people, The most fun activity of the tour was camel riding 🙂 And yes, camel riding is pretty safe. (unless you have specific health issues) while you are riding a camel in the desert. The evening will begin, and the dunes and the skyline turn to their signature fiery colors. We recommend that you take this opportunity to capture this beautiful moment. Then when it starts to get dark, We will head to the campsite in the desert. There are many camping spots in the desert in Dubai. And many of them are quite similar. However, some are more luxurious, and others are more modest. The quality of the camp determines the price of the tour you join. In these camps, You can taste BBQ food. Or sit on a cushion on the floor and watch a belly dancing show.

Finally, you will return to your car to return to your hotel around 10 PM again with your tour guide. You are tired.

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