What is the difference between professional and amateur website design?

by olivia anderson

The difference between professional and amateur website design is in the following factors:

  • Design quality (beauty, relevance to industry, artistry)
  • User Interface (simplicity, quickness and easiness)
  • Website Backend (programming best practices, used plugins and themes)

Aleph Website shows us a few ways we can distinguish professional website design from amateur one. These differences are what make businesses succeed or fail!

Web Design tailored to a specific Niche customer segment, and providing a unique user experience

Every industry is unique, and every customer persona is different! Therefore, web designers try to embody all these differences and nuances into the design itself. Along with it, they need to build the whole website to provide the user journey that will trickle down into desired conversions. Easier said than done!

An example of how female entrepreneurs have used their website design to communicate effectively with their target audience; increasing user engagement (measure in clicks, and session duration) can be found on the best websites today:

Top 3 Best Female Entrepreneur Website Design in 2021

Web Design using backend technology that promotes fast interactions and improved organic rankings

A great web design is always simple. Facts are people dislike complex and intricate interfaces. Users want to feel superior to the website and navigate through it quickly and easily. Any complications, loading problems, looping pages, redirects, broken links cause bad user experience which is one of the biggest droppers of your organic rankings.

Web maintenance, SEO, scheduled updates, caching tools and much more goes into the backend of your website. All these, bundled up with excellent html, CSS and JS programming, constitute a strong Backend, which entails lighting speed interactions and a great user experience!

Here are some examples of the best attorney websites providing excellent features and superb user experience:

Top 10 Best Attorney Websites in 2021

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What Web Design IS NOT

We often talk about what Web Design and websites should look like, but we don’t discuss what websites should not look like!

So to give you an idea of how web design can RUIN your web marketing efforts and work against your promotions, here’s a list of the WORST bad attorney websites:

Bad Attorney Websites (Brace Yourself)

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