Do You Need to Spend Money On League of Legends (LOL) to Enjoy the Game?

by abdullah baloch

If you are a beginner, this question might scare you, and you may not go for this game. You need to understand that the game is free as you will require to pay zero funds to start having fun associated with this gaming. You may reach a certain level and think of advancing your gaming, especially after gaining the required experience. You may incur charges to unlock various levels to increase the game’s amusement.

If you think of investing some funds to keep enjoying the fun associated with the high ranks of the game, you need to keep updating your MMR checker for LOL as you check the Riot Points needed to advance to the next level. However, if you do not have funds to buy some of these Riot Points using real money, you can keep gathering the rewards associated with each rank and use them to unlock other levels.

The Cost of Championships

As you start gaming, it might appear silly for someone to use funds and purchase champions that can be earned for free. However, as you get used to this gaming, buying boosters may dawn on you, especially if you have the urge to keep enjoying the game and are impatient to gather points that will aid in unlocking other levels. In other words, as most people do, you would probably wish to explore new levels that are more challenging even if you do have the points as per your MMR checker. The fastest way to explore some of these levels and access new champions is to pay for them. However, you do not have to use all your saving to buy these champions. As per the recent LOL details, there are about 150+ champions of the game. All of them cost about $550. Therefore, with a low cost of up to $10, you can buy a champion and keep having fun instead of waiting to gather points that unlock more champions.

Cost of Skins

Skins are also critical in this gaming. A skin costs around $5, but some can cost you up to $100. The best thing about these skins is that you can access them for free, especially if you are patient with your progress over time.

Other Miscellaneous Items

As you advance in the game, you may realize that other miscellaneous items make the game more enjoyable than having great champions and skins to explore the game. Some of these items include the icons, the ward skins, the capsules, event passes, and even chests. You need to understand that all these items can be accessed for free to reward you for winning a game. However, if you are at a challenging level and want to access more articles to advance into the next level, you may opt to use at least $10 and access some of these miscellaneous items and keep having fun. You do not have to limit yourself if you can afford to pay for these extra items.

Bottom Line

LOL is free. However, as you advance to higher levels, you may realize that purchasing a champion or a skin is more convenient and add more fun to the game. But, you can also choose to wait and progress to more significant levels as you gather Riot Points used to unlock levels and champions.

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