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Documents are the most important part of your British citizenship application through Naturalisation.

If you do not include all required documents and pay the right cost, your application will be returned to you unprocessed. You should explain what documents you’ve submitted and why in the area provided.

Proof of Identity

You must provide/use your Biometric Residence Permit in support of your application if one was given to you.

  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Travel documents
  • Entitlement card
  • Birth certificate
  • Photo driving licence

Proof of knowledge of language and life in the UK

  • You must submit Life in the UK test certificate
  • a Secure English Language Test list qualification in English at B1 CEFR or higher, recognised by the Home Office. In your application, make sure to include the test number.
  • a degree from the United Kingdom,
  • a degree certificate earned in a country with a large English-speaking population 
  • Your passport showing that you are from an English speaking country 

You do not need to pass another English language test for your British citizenship application if you have a B1 level qualification that was accepted for the purposes of an indefinite permission to remain application.

You must note on the application form if you are seeking an exemption from this criterion due to age or poor physical and/or mental health. People must show documentation from your doctor or medical professional if you desire to seek an exemption due to poor physical or mental health.

5 Year residential evidence

Evidence of lawful residence for the five years (or three years if the applicant is married to or in civil partnership with a British citizen) prior to the application deadline.

  • Your passports 
  • If you are unable to give your passport, explain why and offer letters from employers (with start and end dates), payslips, P60s, educational institutions, or other government bodies showing the applicant’s presence in the UK.

Evidence of ILR under EU settlement scheme

  • Evidence that you have spent your 3- or 5-year qualifying residence time in the UK lawfully. This should show that you were present as a worker, student, self-employed, self-sufficient, retired, or disabled person.
  • A copy of your comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI) policy if you spent some of that time in the UK as a student or as a self-sufficient person and had it.

Application procedure and fees

You must make an online application and submit the aforementioned documents with complete biometric information.

The Home Office charges a fee for naturalisation is £1,330,  £80 for citizenship, and the  biometric enrolment fee is £19.20.

You will have to wait for 6 months until the Home Office decides your application.

You may consult A Y & J Solicitors for bespoke services and advice on making British citizenship applications. They have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. 

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