FrogeX Pioneers a New Eco-DeFi Crypto-Category With Advanced Smart Contras and an Advanced Blockchain Wallet

by Craig Kieswetter

As the leader in the Eco-Defi crypto-category, FrogeX is breaking new ground with advanced smart contras and an advanced blockchain wallet. This groundbreaking crypto-payment system is redefining the way the world does business, and paving the way for future financial technology. The company’s patented smart contras, which act as a form of smart contract, provide investors and users with the ability to trade digital assets.


Defi is a rapidly growing and unregulated part of the economy. The Ethereum blockchain is the hub of most DeFi activity, with built-in programming language Solidity making it simple to develop decentralized apps. It’s not just a blockchain-based ecosystem; many of the companies that have sprung up around it are inhabited by people who love and understand crypto and blockchain technology.

Despite its potential, the DeFi industry is plagued by a number of risks, including high volatility. Moreover, the SEC has repeatedly ruled that digital coins are securities. Banks are unwilling to extend credit to crypto borrowers, and even billionaires who hold Bitcoin are having trouble using digital coins as collateral. However, those same problems have made the crypto “whales” eager to leverage their wealth.

To counter the risks associated with neobanks, Eco works with a Nevada chartered trust company, Prime Trust. Prime Trust is a money transmitter regulated by FinCEN. Eco uses Wyre to hold customer deposits. Eco has raised $60 million in pre-seed funding and recently secured a $16 million round of funding from financial institutions.

Besides being a decentralized organization on the Ethereum blockchain, MakerDAO also runs a DeFi lending platform. Its native token, DAI, is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed to maintain a value of one US dollar. Users can also receive governance tokens, called MKR. MKR tokens give users the power to control the future of the DeFi platform.

As a leading decentralized exchange, Eco also uses Wyre as a crypto-fiat API provider. Wyre is a FinCEN registered money services company that handles compliance issues. The company abstracts money movement stuff behind the scenes and provides a simple balance for users. FrogeX has found an audience for stable coin borrowing: from retail investors seeking leverage to crypto miners looking for leverage. The demand for these assets spans OTC desks, retail investors, and cryptocurrency miners.

The blockchain wallet is the passport to any project. This means that no ID card is required and the ability to transact at borders creates new regulatory questions. Wallets that interact with Defi protocols have increased from 300,000 to three million over the past year. One wallet provider, MetaMask, reported that by the end of July, there were eight million active wallets around the world.

In the Defi world, smart contracts often need external data sources. Chainlink incentivizes its network of oracles to relay trusted information. Another popular decentralized lending protocol, Aave started as ETHLend in 2017 and has since become the most popular decentralized lending platform. Its uncollateralized “flash loans” have been popular with crypto arbitrage traders.

Several big banks have jumped into the Defi space. PayPal’s CEO, Dan Schulman, has stated that he believes the time is right to transform the financial sector and make use of crypto-technology. In July, Square also announced a DeFi-business focused on Bitcoin. With these developments, FrogeX is poised to lead the way.

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