Five Facts About Peps Mattress That Will Make You Think Twice

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Companies have found a solution to the problem of sleep deprivation in today’s society. By offering high-quality mattresses for every type and size of the bed, Peps India has developed an innovative solution. 

This is one is mattress manufacturing company that uses imported raw materials exclusively. Peps mattress is the perfect option if you want to be comfortable regardless of your sleeping habits. So, here are some facts about the peps mattress. 

Best brand that offers the best features 

  • A mattress supports the body’s natural curves, so you stay comfortable and supported all night long.
  • Maintain a proper alignment of your spine to prevent backaches.
  • An adjustable memory foam surface provides all-over contour support.
  • Over the years, the core has been flexible, preventing wear and tear.
  • Their super edge plus technology and zero disturbance technology superior performance.
  • Eurotop quilts cover mattresses with fabrics that feel cool to the touch.
  • This mattress is available in a variety of sizes and twelve different variations.
  • The options are eco-friendly and chemical-free, giving them a luxurious feel while comfortable and durable.

Why Peps mattress stands out?

We are India’s top seller of spring mattresses and have worked hard over the years to develop products that help you master the art of sleeping and meet the specific needs of you and your loved ones. 

Innovative peps mattress technology features unique and luxurious materials to provide a sleeping experience that’s out of this world. Discover a variety of mattresses to find the one that’s right for you for a good night’s sleep every time.


In India, PEPS mattress produces all of its products. Only one company specializes in manufacturing mattresses, pillows, comforters, protectors, fitted sheets, and other bedding accessories. Peps manufactures viscoelastic foam (memory foam) and flexible polyurethane (FPU).

  • The mattress supports one-third of the body’s weight by the ‘Marvelous Middle,’ a feature on the Peps mattress that reduces back strain significantly.
  • India’s first innerspring mattress, including visco-elastic foam called ‘Spine Guard’ aimed at eliminating backaches.

Peps Mattress Features

Peps mattress has some features that make it a good option for budget-friendly and high-end mattresses.

  • Jersey fabric that is flexible

The mattresses have knitted and jersey fabrics with high GSM, which provide higher durability. As a result, the bed mattress is also less likely to wear out from daily movement.

  • Super edge 

In addition, the peps mattress sides are seamless, and there are no disturbances when co-sleeping.

  • Absorbs sweat

The fabric and construction absorb sweat with its breathable material and quick-drying features.

  • Temperature regulation

The temperature-regulating technology in Peps mattresses keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Technology to reduce noise

With a pocket spring mattress from Peps, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep by using specially formulated foam to absorb friction and noises.

Peps mattresses explained

The latest Peps models incorporate top-of-the-line materials like Memory foam or natural latex to offer lasting support while you sleep! You can also choose from pocket spring mattresses that are always comfortable and affordable, regardless of your preferences.

Several spring types are available from this brand, including Bonnell and pocketed springs. We have just the right amount of support for your needs with the super edge plus technology!

For those seeking an affordable memory foam mattress, Peps mattresses are a great choice. Twelve different options are available, each with unique features tailored to specific sleep needs.

  • Noise-absorbing technology gives you a dry mattress, even in summers.
  • Mattresses from the brand are available in twelve different styles.
  • For added durability, it has a flexible core.

What’s inside a Peps mattress? 

Depending on the size, it consists of 10-13 layers: the exterior features high-knitted fabric and a high-quality finish with a customizable top. Moreover, memory foam provides body comfort and support.

Memory foam mattress padding is a requirement in the field as it conforms to any body shape and relieves pressure points. This peps spring mattress may be constructed differently depending on the model you choose.

The mattress has a top and bottom layer, fitted with a woven fabric, polyurethane cushioning, rebonded PU foam, nylon mesh, Bonnel springs, and PU foam quilting.

By providing high-quality mattresses to accommodate beds of all types and sizes, Peps India has rethought the way we manufacture mattresses. 

The company makes mattresses with 100% imported raw materials, making it one of the few mattress companies.

Mattresses by Peps are a great solution for people who want to be comfortable, regardless of what they sleep on. A good spring mattress in India is one that is comfortable, affordable, and offers excellent customer service.

Sleep on a memory foam mattress that adjusts to your body’s movements, complete with a flexible core to prevent wear and tear, and enjoy the super edge plus and zero disturbance technologies on each mattress.

It is undeniable that Peps mattress offers a low price, good quality, and a wide range of options. Several Peps mattresses are available, and this article will discuss their features, benefits, and disadvantages. 

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