How does a landing page help small business owners to grow their business?

by olivia anderson

Engaging landing pages are a great tool for small business growth by turning the prospects into customers. 

There are many landing page types regarding their goals, such as: sign up, ebook, eCommerce landing pages, etc. The purpose is always the same – to receive prospects’ relevant information that helps us learn more about them and convert them into paying customers. 

Aleph Website is a professional NY-based Web Development and Design agency that helps small business owners grow their businesses by creating engaging landing pages for high conversions. 

Take a look at what landing page characteristics contribute to business growth:


We can measure landing page performance by analyzing page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, and other metrics. All these metrics inform us of how well the landing page performs. 

Bounce rate is a percentage of website visitors who land on the web page and leave without further exploring and visiting other web pages. The bounce rate can tell us how our paid campaigns perform, how the offer is appealing to the visitors, etc. One of the most important things is to make sure that the offer on the landing page matches the offer on the ad that leads to the landing page. If they are unmatched, most visitors will most likely leave the page quickly. 

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The conversion rate represents the percentage of website visitors who complete the desired action. Studies show that an average conversion rate is 2.35%, but generally, it depends on many factors including the industry. 

There are many ways for improving the landing page conversion rate. Firstly, we have to meet our audience’s expectations, remove distractions, shorten forms, etc.

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Landing pages are very convenient for both split testing and A/B testing. We can test different versions of the landing page regarding content or layouts, but also we can test different variations of single elements such as copy on the CTA button, etc. 

In this way, we can optimize the landing page and increase conversion rates.

Provide us with valuable information about customers

Additional lead generation form fields help us collect information about our customers regarding their needs, pain points, and challenges. 

In this way, we can personalize customer experience, which leads to a greater conversion rate. 

However, if we ask for too much data, our leads might find it too complicated and just quit. It should be simple and short as possible.

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