How does Virtual Office Best Fit the Startups?

by Ester Adams

Virtual office refers to the provision of technology, space and other services by the pliable workspace to the businesses excluding those businesses that lease or own an office or bear the capital expenditure. Services related to the office in addition to a physical address is given to the businesses by the virtual office. More importantly, it lacks overhead and there is no concept of administrative personnel or a long lease and the workforce can perform their tasks from anywhere. People usually come across statements such as virtual office is ideal for small businesses and startups but how is that so? Following are some key pros of virtual office that make it the most fitting for the initialization of businesses on a smaller scale.

Cost Friendly

Many advantages lie with a virtual office that makes it capable of saving money and utilizing it into growing and expanding the startups. The costs of utilities, cleaning and maintenance of an office are not applicable in a virtual office setup. People starting a small business are not trapped into a monthly lease that is costly and they can utilize the services and amenities of the virtual office as long as they want to. Additionally, commuting to the workplace and parking the vehicle also cost some money to people who work physically in any office. However, these daily charges no longer apply to the ones benefitting from the virtual office. An interesting fact that cannot be ignored is that the virtual office does not even demand a receptionist and an answering service plus a live receptionist service is offered by the virtual office. 

Zero Overhead and a Professional Image

A trustworthy and legitimate image of a startup is assured with a virtual office. Virtual office comes up with a telephone number that is local to the area and a well-regarded business address. Owning a local number brings out a better response in the local communities and a respectable address can be used to hold business meetings and professional conversations.  The virtual office provider also offers their location, in addition to a variety of beverages, to be utilized for hosting the professional meetups and warmly welcoming them. 

Elevation in Productivity

Having a work environment in which the employees are under critical observation, such as in a virtual office system, pushes them to meet the business aims and goals to maintain their work. Also, the employees are not distracted by their colleagues and can focus more on positively utilizing their energies towards the accomplishment of the business mission. Time is managed well and a lot is saved too by not having to commute to the workplace and to run a whole office. All of these factors play a vital role in elevating the productivity of the startup and sustaining productivity. 

A Better Work/Life Balance

Work and life balance are improved of the individuals involved in the virtual office. People who base their startup business on virtual offices get more time to concentrate on their job tasks and have a more pliable schedule than the ones working in the offices. The time that is saved at work can be allowed to be used for the family. However, in some cases, the best working environment at home is not promised and there are many distractions. Virtual office addresses this issue also by its property of coworking in which one can distinguish personal life from work. Moreover, the flexibility in the job timing of the virtual office employee allows them to take fewer leaves for sorting out the problems at home. 

Top Talent Hunting

Every startup requires talent of top quality to increase their productivity and to sustain their success. The virtual offices have an international presence. These are located not only in one country but extend across the borders all over the world. The talent of every level is available and accessible on virtual office and startup businesses can access the best talent and hire them irrespective of the locality of these talented individuals. 

Environment- Friendly

Virtual office’s footprint on the environment is very dissimilar to the traditional office’s footprint. As mentioned earlier the employees of a startup business in a virtual office need not travel or commute to the job localities which leads to a reduction in the consumption of fuel and gas. A great deal of pollution is prevented by alleviation in the usage of vehicles, gas and heating fuel. Furthermore, a relatively low amount of waste is generated and liberated into the environment when the usage of electricity and water is decreased. 

In a nutshell, small businesses and startups putting the good use of a virtual office can prosper in tremendous ways. The perks of the virtual office such as being cost-effective, no overload. increasing productivity balancing better work and life and enabling top best talent hunting is a set of major forces to consider while planning on becoming new entrepreneurs. Finally, the virtual office promotes environment-friendly activities which is why it outstands being the best choice for startups.

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