How Many Hand Dryers Do I Need?

by Henry888

Most of us wouldn’t really ask this question so plainly, but deciding on how many hand dryers a common household or a workplace would need is a relatively daunting task. Getting too little may not deliver the safety, hygienic and cleanlinesses standards, get too much and you might end up blowing up the entire ambient. The key is to analyze the importance, quality, and the overall need of hand dryers, and of course, the usage and practicality in each. Only when you determine the various factors and characteristics of hand dryers will you know which one is ideal for the specific use. Here are a couple of important things to know when deciding on how many hand dryers you would need.

Calculate the washroom traffic

Before you head out buying one, three, or seven hand dryers, you need to figure out and calculate in detail how many people go through and use the bathroom or washroom on a daily basis. It can be really tricky to exactly calculate the traffic levels of your washroom because you cannot specifically count how many people went in and out, nor how many times an individual has washed their hands. But you can make a statistical assumption and good strategy. For instance, a medium traffic washroom has around 200 uses per day, so for that purpose, you would need to install one conventional warm air hand dryer for every two hand wash areas. On the other hand, if the traffic in the toilet or bathroom is heavy with around 300 and more uses per day, then simply multiply by two the number of hand dryers. This would mean that you would need at least one high-speed hand dryer per two washbasins. Also, bear in mind that within a standard 8-hour working day most people go to the toilet around 4 times per day, add the gender factor, and you would surely have medium traffic.

Choosing a hand dryer

When you want to figure out how many hand dryers do you need, you must take into consideration the quality, speed, and price of one. Not all hand dryers will deliver the same quality for the price you are willing to pay. Plus, if you were to install a slow budget warm air hand dryer for the heavy traffic of people, even though you would have physically more hand dryers they won’t serve as well. Finding the perfect hand dryers means doing thorough research of the market. Here are some of the best hand dryers to consider before deciding how many you need to get:

  • Air blade hand dryers: The modernized world brought us numerous cutting-edge technological developments, and one of them is the air blade hand dryers. Air blade hand dryers are some of the most powerful and advanced washroom technology items on the market. They work by blowing clean, filtered, high-powered hot air to make the moisture evaporate off your hands with heat. So they don’t just dry your hands, they very quickly make all the moisture and dirt evaporate. This is a very fast and efficient way of washing and cleaning, hence it’s also a very popular and powerful gadget every business should have. Another interesting feature of air blade hand dryers is that they are slim and have a one-of-a-kind space-saving design making them ideal for high traffic toilets.
  • High-speed hand dryers: In the previous years, hand dryers were as powerful and fast as new modern ones. High-speed hand dryers are utterly efficient and they require a user to have their hands underneath them for a couple of seconds in order to completely dry out the hands. This type of hand dryer is common in most high-traffic washrooms in public spaces such as motorways services, train stations, or concert halls and stadiums. Also, these hand dryers are one of the most energy-efficient and the quietest on the market as most models are rated to exude between 58 and 62 dB. Not only does this reduce noise, but with the help of adequate aerodynamic design, the wet particles won’t land on the user.

Traffic flow and the number of hand dryers needed

It is crucial to look at the traffic level of users to determine what type and model of a hand dryer you would need and how many as well. In that case, you must consider the following:

High traffic

As it was previously mentioned, high washroom traffic would be having more than 300 uses in the 8 hours, and in that case, it would be the most lucrative solution to get around two high-speed hand dryers for four washbasins, or if you have two washbasins then you would need one high-speed hand dryer, you do the math. The most important thing is to choose a premium hand dryer, such as Mediclinics Dualflow Plus which is very fast, quiet, eco-friendly, and pleasant to use.

Medium to low traffic

Here you would need the same number of hand dryers but not high-speed ones. You could get conventional warm air hand dryers instead of fast ones as the traffic is not that hectic. However, it’s equally essential to get good machines that deliver high-quality, good performance, prestige apparel, and energy efficiency for a medium price.

Low traffic

For a washroom that experiences low use, which is under 100 uses per day, you would either need one conventional air hand dryer per four washbasins or one high-speed hand dryer for every five to seven washbasins. If you have a low-traffic washroom, make sure that you get a modern, high-quality hand dryer that has an affordable price. Know that the drying process would last around 20 seconds in contrast to high-speed air blade ones where drying lasts 5 seconds.

Choosing a number of hand dryers you would need definitely depends on the type of business or industry you are working for, plus on the number of people that go through those washrooms. With that in mind, and by doing a careful calculation, you would find it easy to get the most quality and efficient hand dryer on the market.


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