How Small Businesses Designs Custom Eyelashes Boxes to Increase their Sales?

by Adamdoss

The use of eyelashes is rapidly increasing in females to give a bold and catchy look to your eyes. Add to this, the use of heavily curved wings allows the classy look to your appearance. All and one brand put their effort’s into making adorable eyelashes that work as the best game-changer. So, if you are looking to construct your own brand of eyelashes, then one of the first things you always consider is eyelash packaging. Cosmetic brands that provide high-quality eyelashes that are useable for five to six weeks pack their lashes in custom lash boxes for elegance. Here is the type of eyelash packaging that is commonly used in the market. 

  • Rigid 
  • Cardboard 
  • Five-panel hanger 
  • PVC plastic Packaging 

Well, the good news is that are multiple vendors exist in the market who provide your best and customized lash boxes as per your need. So, you can contact anyone packaging vendor that you consider trustworthy for quality. Now it’s time to see the steps that you need to focus on to create up-to-the-mark eyelash packaging boxes

Use of Quality Cardstock For Custom Lashes Boxes 

The first element that a good product manufacturer never ignores is ensuring the packaging box’s quality. The outer side of lash boxes is the first introduction among the brand and customers. Therefore, the impact of your moist packaging is positive and surprising. For this purpose, the heavy-duty and sturdier cardstock work awesomely to pack your gifts. So, you can choose 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, and 22pt as per your need and budget that you want to invest in for lash packaging. However, you can choose Kraft with any thickness you want for your custom lash boxes available in versatile sizes. 

Print Mandatory Information on the Box for Customers Ease 

The lashes bring in versatile shades sizes and have different names as per their qualities. So, all things must be mentioned on your eyelash boxes to communicate with your audiences. If you can print information on the box so, its make easy for your customers to know completely about the products and their uses. Plus, you can add detailed inserts in the eyelash boxes or kit to explain their security precautions and usage clearly for the users. Next, the use of custom eyelash boxes with logos is a great chance to make your brand talk of the town for your users. 

Pick Flip-top magnetic Lid and Sleeve Boxes for Lash Packaging

With the best user experiences, it is also mandatory to use a stylish, decent, and easy to unbox box to pack your lashes. On this subject, you can choose the two best and topnotch styles to make your eyelashes fetching for your audiences. One is flip-top magnetic lid and sleeve boxes for your lashes. Both look fantastic with using soft and sublime color combinations. 

Choose Rigid Cardstock to Give Esthetic Look 

Well, all know that lashes are the products which not buy on a daily basis. People invest their money in quality products that are useable for at least five to six weeks. Due to this, your lash boxes make up-to-the-mark and are perfect for storing your product. Therefore, the use of rigid cardstock is the perfect choice for your personalized lash boxes. 

Play with Intricate and Abstract Design Pattern to make catchy Lash Box 

On the surface of the sparkling color of custom lashes boxes template, the use of intricate lines and design patterns look fabulous for your audiences. By using intricate lines and geometrical shapes, you can create spellbinding abstract designs for printed eyelash boxes. If you want, you can use gold and silver foil for the intricate lines to make them prominent on the box that grasps your audience’s attention at first glance. 

Annexation of Add-on on the Eyelash Packaging Boxes 

The use of add-on for your eyelash boxes looks like a cherry the place on cake tops. However, you can use gold and silver foil on the lash packaging, but embossing, debossing, and UV spot pattern give them a more enticing look to your custom eyelash box template. Add to this, embossing gives raised surface, and debossing gives a sunken surface to your design or text. Also, the use spot UV pattern gives a shiny look to your eyelash packaging boxes. So, you can choose the perfect one as per your choice and budget. 

Using Quality Trays to Hold Eyelash 

You can also use a best-quality tray to provide an appealing look to your custom-made eyelash boxes. And, it works best to store your lashes in the same look for a long time. It helps the lashes to stick at one place and prevent from extra curving, and damaging effect. These trays are available to pack one pair of lashes. Plus, you can use a window on the lashes box with a tray to provide the transparency of your products in front of the target customers. 

Wrapping up the Discussion 

So, the crux of the article, as mentioned above, is how custom lashes boxes help you to boost your brand ranking in the industry. In this regard, you need to choose quality cardstock, unique style and 3D effects graphic designs, and add-ons. Also, you to use best-grade plastic trays for your eyelash boxes. Now it is your turn to make fabulous eyelash boxes for your customers to increase their engagement.

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