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How to Advertise your Barber Shop on Instagram in 4 Easy Steps

If there’s a Covid-hit business that’s often overlooked, it’s got to be barber shops. An unseemingly mandatory and guaranteed-for part of our lives, few of us come across any mention of where we get our hair cut outside of the activity itself – and when Covid took that away, people got creative, took out the scissors, and went DIY.

But now that things have normalized, barber shops are making a comeback, but simply offering good haircuts or the funniest barbers isn’t enough to win back customers. 

Yes, that means barber shops need to venture into the world of marketing and promotion. And since it’s a business so heavily dependent on physicality, there’s no better idea for barber shop advertising than Instagram! Full of visuals and saturated with the desire of achieving a certain ‘look’, Instagram can take your barber shop places – you just need to be strategic!

Here’s how you can promote your barber shop on Instagram:

  1. Make a Mark with Instagram Posts 

Instagram is all about the posts – they’re the first thing that anyone sees on there, and if you’re going to promote your barber shop, then your posts need to hit the mark. Your posts are both going to help build – and should follow – your brand identity, so thinking about the type of content that you put out is imperative. 

Safe grounds to stay on are any deals or discounts that your barber shop is offering, new services, and even an introduction to the faces behind the brand – just make sure to pair these with SEO-optimized captions for maximum reach!

And of course, simply deciding on the content isn’t enough – you need to nail the visuals to draw in the right clientele. While you could go down the route of hiring a graphic designer, more and more businesses are forgoing the professionals and getting hands-on with digital design tools themselves. Their most trusted? PosterMyWall!

Hundreds of business owners have turned to PosterMyWall for their digital design needs and the platform’s wide range of Instagram post templates has made it a favorite in the world of Instagram marketing. The creativity, the ease of use, and of course, the no extra charge are all features that make the PosterMyWall experience stand out – and why it makes the tool a great choice for your barber shop! 

  1. Get Digital with your Flyers

Speaking of marketing visuals, there’s no denying the power of a good old flyer when it comes to advertising. Not only is there a magnetic pull between a clever flyer and a potential customer, but the combination of visuals and informative text helps lock the deal then and there.

And by making your flyers digital and introducing them to the world of Instagram, you can easily leverage a greater audience for your barber shop’s services. Of course, designing the perfect flyer is key to effectiveness, and the first thing is the content. There are some non-negotiables: name, address, and contact information – and then the rest is up to you! 

As for the visual element, the best flyers are those that invite but don’t overwhelm. Play to your brand’s colors and go for sleek, minimalistic styles to complement the text – and if you’re not much of a designer then PosterMyWall has got you covered with their barber shop flyer templates. Simply pick a design you like, customize it, and post! You’d be surprised at how companies are using PosterMyWall for their flyer needs, and it’s time for you to join those ranks of success! 

  1. Get Friendly with Local Influencers

Whether you love it or hate it, we’re currently growing up in the era of Instagram influencers, and the hold that they have over their followers is often unparalleled. While your barbers may not become overnight Instagram sensations, you can make your barber shop one by partnering with local influencers to advertise your business! 

Some strategies are required in a successful influencer partnership, and the first is to think about your target audience. What does your ideal customer look like? Whatever your answer, the same should hold for the following of the influencers that you choose to work with. And of course, they should be local – no one’s going to travel four states over for a cut!

You can either invite your chosen influencer over to your barber shop where you offer them free services in return for them documenting their visit or you can have them promote your shop through a post on their profile and a couple of stories – just make sure that the content they put out is aligned with your vision! 

  1. Don’t Ditch the #Hashtag 

It’s great to think about the pretty visuals and engaging stories, but if you’re really going to leverage the most out of Instagram, then the algorithm is what you’re going to have to work with. And the best way to get your posts to the top of feeds and on the right users’ explore page? Hashtags!

It’s easy to add in a bunch of random hashtags, but if you want results, then research is important. Study your competitors, and think about your audience and your industry before selecting relevant hashtags to add to your posts – remember, consistency will help build momentum, so it’s best to put in a bit of work at the start.

So, if you’re a barber shop owner that’s looking to bring back their business, then the world of Instagram marketing is your best friend – and these tips are a solid place to start!

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