How To Choose Best Lightsaber?

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The lightsaber is a popular and recent weapon that emits a strong colored light the energy that can be cut flesh as well as a hard material. The concept of lightsaber has come from the ancient wars of the Republic. The old warriors used to fight by using Forcesaber which is similar to the latest lightsaber. This design of lightsaber is designed by Jedi and is further taken by Sith and Dark Jedi. Today lightsaber is used in several Star Wars movies. To give adventure element to the animated series then lightsaber is included. Which demonstrated the strength of the characters those which have lightsabers. 

Furthermore, as you know that we have various diversity of colors of light-emitting from the lightsaber. Each color has its property and specialty. As the red color shows the weakness, low power of the character while dark green or blue shows more strength of the character. As like, it was very difficult for the previous generations to purchase such lightsaber but now we have several online shops. That can be easily accessible to the lover of a lightsaber. And you can easily purchase and get your favorite lightsaber very instantly.


Top Most Lightsaber 

Several custom lightsaber are rated for their best quality and powerful characteristics. Some of the popular lightsabers are discussed below which will help you to choose your favorite one and easily get it

  • Green Lightsaber of Luke Skywalker 

The green lightsaber is considered the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker. This is the new design of Jedi’s other design. This shows the strength of the character and how much power it is. This design can be easily influenced by its quality to others. 

  • Blue Lightsaber of Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Blue lightsaber of the popular character of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the famous series of Star Wars. Kenobi defeated his enemies with his swords. This lightsaber is considered a very influential sword. Its extraordinary design makes it differentiate it from another lightsaber. 

  • Blue Lightsaber of Rey Skywalker

The blue lightsaber is further also known as Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Rey Skywalker lightsaber. The unique quality of this lightsaber is that it has three popular trilogies in a single component. This lightsaber shows a relation between prominent characters like Anakin, Luke, and Rey Skywalker. This is a very strong lightsaber. 

  • Double-Bladed Red Lightsaber of Dart Maul 

Another very impressive lightsaber in the universe of the Star Wars movies. The double-bladed Red lightsaber of the remarkable character of Dart Maul. The double-bladed is supposed to be strong and dominant among another lightsaber because its double-bladed can emits double energy lighting and can dispute with a single war. This is a sign of authority and superiority. 

  • White Lightsaber of Ahsoka Tano

The white lightsaber of a prominent rebel, Ahsoka Tano is regarded as the coolest lightsaber among other lightsabers. It is due to its strong remarks. 

  • The Darksaber

The Darksaber was for the first time appeared in the Clone Wars. The Darksaber holder was Pre Vizla. Due to its strong features, this was then later on shown in other animated movies. 

  • Yellow Lightsaber of Rey

The yellow lightsaber is significant and found very rare. While other colors of lightsaber are very commonly found while yellow is considered a unique one due to its yellow color emission of a lightsaber. 

  • Purple Lightsaber of Mace Windu 

Likewise yellow lightsaber, a purple lightsaber is also very extraordinary and unique. This lightsaber was appeared in the hand of Mace Windu in defeating the enemy. This gives a very significant impression to the viewers. 


Application of Lightsaber

The lightsaber is used for the following reasons which are given below.

  • Goal

Mostly, the custom lightsaber was used to defeat the enemy by cutting down into parts. Jedi and Sith used lightsabers to kill his enemy without causing any further destruction. So, its goal was to destroy the enemy.

  • Sermon

The critical ceremony of using lightsaber was knighting sermons. The lightsaber was collected by Jedi for the debate ceremony.

  • Practical Application 

Commonly, a practical application of customs lightsaber is that it is used to cut down the flesh or any tough material. As the lightsaber emits a plasma unit which is considered a very strong ray as compared to other rays beams. This plasma unit can easily mark a body into two parts. Thus, it was normally used for killing the enemy and cutting the hard material. 

Importance Of Lightsaber 

The lightsaber is used to defeat the enemy. The importance of a lightsaber is that it can just mark your enemy without further causing any destruction.  Several colors are available which have their history and significance. The specialty of the lightsaber is that it is the new version of ancient forcesaber. 


FAQ- Frequently Asking Questions

  • What is a lightsaber?

Answer: Lightsabers is the latest design of weapon that is the new shape of ancient Forcesaber. Which was used By Jedi and Sith to fought the wars of Clone and The Republicans war. 

  • How it is made?

Answer: Lightsaber is made of strong material including rock, bone, metallic material, kyber crystal inside the lightsaber, and a Cylindrical. The light that emits from it is the plasma unit which is regarded as the most powerful light energy.

  • What is the application of Lightsabers?

Answer: Greatly, the lightsaber is used for disputing combat, killing the enemy directly by one mark without creating further destruction, and scraping the hardest materials easily. The lightsaber was considered an important item for the battle. Without no Star Wars movies in results in battles. 


Lightsaber gives a very fantastic sight to our eyes by its advanced features and amazing characterization. Many of the users are in love with it due to its sharp mark in combatting, chopping the hardest material without any further destruction. However, today many online shops are available that are selling the modern structure of lightsaber. If you are going to purchase all the features should be kept in mind.  

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