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How to Create a Podcast Transcript and Why Transcription Matters

Podcasting is a popular medium for content creators and listeners alike. But what happens when a listener wants to go back and reference a particular episode? Or when someone new to the show desires to catch up on old episodes? Here is where transcripts come in. 

A transcript is a written record of everything said in an audio or video. In podcasting, transcripts are then the content of a podcast episode in text format. For a podcaster, transcripts of your episodes can be extremely useful. Not only do they help with ranking, but they also make your content more accessible to a broader audience. 

So, how do you create a transcript for your podcast? And why does transcription matter? Here in this article, we’ll offer tips on how to make a podcast transcript and why they are important for your show.

Why Transcribe Your Podcast? 

Creating transcript records of your episodes can bring forward a lot of benefits to your podcasting. Among those, we can mention the following three: 

  • Content Is Accessible and Searchable 

Transcribing your podcast episodes can be a lot of work, but there are several reasons why you should transcribe them. Transcription for podcasts can help make your show’s content more accessible and searchable. By including a transcript on your website, you’re giving search engines more content to index. By making your content more indexable, you can attract new listeners searching for topics you cover. 

  • Easy to Reach Diverse Demographics

Transcription for podcasts makes your content more accessible to people with hearing impairments or who speak a different language. By providing a transcript, you’re making it possible for more people to enjoy your show. 

  • Easy to Repurpose Content

Transcripts can be a great way to repurpose your content. You can use excerpts from your transcript in social media posts or on your website. You can also create blog posts or articles based on your episodes.

Creating a Podcast Transcript 

Making a podcast transcript can be either easy-peasy or taxing depending on the route you take at the beginning. The process usually goes as follows: 

  • Hire a Transcription Service

There are different ways to create a transcript for your podcast. If you have the budget, you can hire a transcription for podcasts service to make them for you. They are a great option to ensure accuracy, especially for longer episodes. 

  • Transcribe Yourself

You can also use a speech-to-text program to create a transcript. This option is less expensive, but it can be less accurate too. You can also transcribe the episodes yourself. This route is the most taxing option, but it’s free. 

If you decide to transcribe your episodes yourself, there are a few things you should have in mind. Start by listening to the episode several times. This process will help you familiarize yourself with the content and make it easier to transcribe. 

Use a good-quality recording, making it easier to hear the words and making the transcription process move faster. Finally, type out the transcript as you listen. Don’t worry about editing or proofreading at this point; just get the words down. You can always go back and change things later. 

  • Format and Proofread Your Transcript

Once you have your transcript, it’s time to format it. Make sure to add timestamps so listeners can easily reference specific parts of the episode. You can also add links to any websites or resources mentioned. 

  • Share Your Content Online

When you’re happy with the final product, post it on your website and share it on social media. You can also submit your transcript to search engines like Google. This content will help people find your podcast when searching for specific topics. 


Transcribing your episodes may seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. Transcripts make your content more accessible, help you attract new listeners, and serve as a valuable reference for you down the line. So, if you’re not already transcribing your episodes, start today. Your listeners will thank you.

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