How to Declutter When you Don’t Know Here to Start?

by Dani khan

The most awaited holidays are around the corner, and you know that your home needs a massive cleanup. Well, that is true when you haven’t sorted out anything lately. In that case, you should go step by step. Kitchen cabinets, for instance, will take one day to declutter. That is why it makes sense that you clear the mess by focusing on one area at a time. 

What’s there to learn?

So, if you intend to avail yourself of the big weekend for this task, do not think twice! This post will help you know where to start the cleanup and what to do with it afterward. Let’s get started:

5 Steps to start decluttering:

  1. Fix a specific time for the cleanup
  2. Keep one area at a time
  3. Fix one day for kitchen cabinets
  4. Gather some extra boxes
  5. Create a cleaning routine

Fix a specific time for the cleanup:

Not setting a time for these cleanups is the biggest mistake you can make. That is why the first step is to fix a specific time to start decluttering. So, have a healthy breakfast and get energized for the mighty task. Moreover, you have to feel motivated to clear the mess, unless you will not finish it on time. In addition, start with the existing clutter and do not mess with the older stuff. 

Keep one area at a time:

The next step to clean the mess is to stick to one area at a time. Many people feel the urge to clean all the mess simultaneously. Stop right there! Try to focus on one thing at a time; otherwise, you will feel exhausted with no result. For example, start with the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or storage room- one at a time. Also, you can focus on the living area first as you may have guests coming over.  

Fix one day for kitchen cabinets:

In general, the kitchen is the most cluttered area, even if you are a cleanup freak. So keep in mind that your best wolf designer kitchen cabinets can take a whole day for decluttering. That is why the next step is to make up your mind about it. For that, you have to empty the cabinets and put everything on the countertop. Then put only those things that you need and keep the rest aside. Although, if you have a cleaning routine, it will not take long.  

Gather some extra boxes:

The fourth step is to gather some disposable boxes. You can then put the disposable items in the box after you have sorted the mess. In this way, you will know what to keep and what to discard. Typically, labeling the boxes is the best idea to remember the purpose of the box. 

Create a cleaning routine:

This one is a forever thing. Why! Because creating a cleaning routine is vital for the health and hygiene of your house. Furthermore, it will keep the mess from getting worse. So, make sure you develop a habit of clearing the clutter after this mighty task. Learn to be more organized yourself!

What is the next step after decluttering?

  • Label the boxes
  • Keep the essentials
  • Throw out the trash
  • Donate the good stuff
  • Be creative

Label the boxes:

You might be wondering what to do next! Well, you do not have to throw everything away for the sake of cleaning. Remember, you may find things that you still need. Additionally, objects can be shared or thrown away. That is why you should get at least three boxes and label them accordingly. 

Keep the essentials:

The next thing you should do is to start labeling the boxes. Label a box that says keep. The purpose is to remind yourself that you can keep these things. So, keep the essential items in this box and take them out when you need them.

Throw out the trash:

Now, label a box named trash. As the name reflects, this box will contain all the things you do not want anymore. So, call it trash, and throw it away. 

Donate the good stuff:

Your next step is to label a box that contains good stuff. Also, write it ‘donate’ and share the better things with those who need them. In this way, you cannot only declutter but also spread good in society.

Be creative:

There is no need to label another box. But, some things are valuable enough to create something different. In this case, try to be creative with scented candles, ocean beads, and more. 

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Lately, if you have been stressing over the mess around you, now is the time to declutter. Learn how to start decluttering and what to do with the stuff through this post. Fix a time and area to clean one at a time. Also, start with the living room and dedicate one day to kitchen cabinets. Then gather some boxes and label them. Finally, keep, trash out, or donate the extra stuff. 



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