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How to Finance Your Addiction Recovery Center Stay

There are several ways to finance your addiction recovery center stay. Some insurance companies cover inpatient treatment, but not all do. If you don’t have insurance, you may be able to use your health savings account or flexible spending plan money for treatment (check with facility for details). 

Also keep in mind that there are many different types of rehab programs out there – some are long-term and intensive while others are shorter term and less intensive.

Here are some ways you can finance your addiction recovery stay:

Private Insurance

Private insurance is a plan that you or your employer pays for. It can cover a wide range of things, including doctors and hospital visits, prescription medication, lab tests and other medical services. You may also receive help with transportation costs to get to treatment. 

If possibe, you pay for your own coverage through self-funded health benefits, from say for example, your employer. While some private plans are sold directly by an insurance company, others are offered through an employer sponsored group plan.

Private Pay

Private pay is the most expensive option, but it has its benefits. If you don’t have insurance or if your insurance won’t cover the treatment you need, private pay is one of the only ways to finance your stay at an addiction recovery center

The other way to go about paying for treatment is through a third party that offers financing options for people with substance use issues. You would apply for these loans and they would help cover what they could while still allowing you to pay off the rest later on (after treatment).

State (Medicaid or Medicare)

If you are receiving Medicaid or Medicare, your health insurance may help pay for treatment at a drug rehabilitation center. These programs vary from state to state, but generally help cover part of the cost of addiction recovery.

You can find out if you qualify by applying for Medicaid or Medicare in your state. If approved for either program, call your drug rehab center and ask to speak with their financial counselor about how much they will be able to credit towards payment.

Payment Assistance from the Facility 

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it can help to know that there are options for financing your recovery. Many treatment centers offer payment assistance on a sliding scale based on income and family size. Some facilities even offer payment plans or allow clients to pay in installments.

Sliding Fee Scale

A sliding fee scale is a way to pay for addiction treatment based on your income. This means that you will pay less if your income is lower, which can make it easier for those who can’t afford typical rates to get the help they need. Some facilities also offer discounts if you pay in full up front.

The Bottom Line

Financing your recovery from addiction doesn’t have to be a hassle. As you can see, there are many ways that you can pay for treatment, and it’s important to not let finances be a barrier in getting the help you need. 

If you’re worried about paying for treatment, don’t be afraid to ask for help from loved ones or professional resources. It’s also important to remember that as long as you’re working toward recovery, it’s never too late to seek treatment options.

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