How to Improve the Kitchen’s Work Lighting Area?

by hr forhad

House lighting fixtures play a more important role in the kitchen than any other room. It has a certain effect on the cooking and cleaning chores you do every day. Most of you don’t even pay close attention to the type of kitchen lighting you should install. A kitchen has different workstations like the actual cooking spot, the cutting island, and the sink. When you need specific areas to light up, come up with different ideas for the kitchen’s work lighting area.  

  • General lighting 

Usually known as ambient lighting illuminates the kitchen area. 

  • Work lighting 

Also known as task lighting, it illuminates the specific zones in the kitchen only such as an island, countertop prep, or cooking area. 

In a kitchen lighting matters. Whether it’s your new house in Gulberg housing scheme Multan or an old one, you still need the best lighting fixtures. 

In this blog, we have identified the ways to improve dull lighting into the most strategic ones. 

Types of kitchen work lighting you can try 

1- Recessed lighting 

The most standard problem in the kitchen is dull lighting. It can be resolved with recessed lighting – a perfect solution. The standard diameters used are 4,5, or 6 inches as they provide more illumination to the required working station in the kitchen. 

But there’s one downside to using recessed lighting – the shadowing. Since the lights are pointed down, it can come in between the work by obstructing the view with a shadow. 

In the past, older recessed fixed lights were notorious as they consumed a lot of energy. The modern recessed lighting is fixed on the ceiling and can be covered with insulation. 

2- Track lighting 

For a few decades, track lighting are trending in popularity because it’s a much better option than recessed lighting. Installed on the ceiling surface, it can be moved easily wherever needed when working in the kitchen! 

The individual fixtures allow the flexibility to do the work easily by repositioning the light. You can move it forward or backward canceling the shadow flaw similar’s to recessed lights. 

Another benefit of installing track lighting is its affordability and they are low-voltage too. These fixtures consist of LED bulbs that consume less energy! 

3- Ceiling fixtures 

Most commonly used kitchen work lighting includes ceiling fixtures because of their solid illumination. Just flip the switch when entering the kitchen and the place brightens up like a bright day. 

However, ceiling fixtures do not offer focused lighting options like track lighting. But it still works for the best because an illuminated kitchen makes it easier when cooking a big family meal or when having guests over for a dinner. 

4- Pendant fixtures 

You may have seen such lighting fixtures in luxurious apartments. You can also have them installed in your kitchen to the ceiling. The pendant light fixtures actually hang downward from the ceiling. The heat level is adjustable giving you some control over the lighting too. 

You can even have pendant fixtures installed into track lighting tracks too. Since pendant lights are hanging you cannot use a lot of them or else your kitchen will look cluttered. For instance, you can use them over the bar or middle island. 

5- Undercabinet lighting 

Whatever type of kitchen lighting you choose, you still some focused light on the wall cabinets too. It means saying goodbye to the shadows! The lights are usually bright and focused too. The light can be too harsh if you are not used to working with undercabinet lighting. 

However, they do have a sleek appeal and are highly energy efficient. 

Whatever lighting you choose, make sure it falls under your budget and is fully functional. Keep the kitchen size in mind too when picking the kitchen lighting. 

Take away 

Good lighting in the kitchen can solve your headache. It also makes the kitchen look more fabulous when guests arrive. Home decorators are always mindful of the fact how to best illuminate the specific zones in the house. But if you are interested in DIY remodeling your kitchen, this blog will help you decide to pick the best type of light fixtures for your stylish kitchen.

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