How to install a hand dryer: features and work technology

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Installation of dryers is a universal way to maintain order in public spaces. These devices provide convenience for visitors to restaurants, cafes, educational institutions, shopping centers, railway stations, airports and other similar organizations. The most popular models of this equipment are presented. To achieve the indicated goals, the installation technology of the selected device should be observed.

Technical connection parameters and types of dryers

Standard electric dryers consume different power. The performance of their fan and the quality of air heating are also referred to as parameters for comparing models. A typical device in this category consumes up to 200 W of energy per cycle. The increase in the temperature of the air flow during its operation varies between 35-75 degrees Celsius.

The drying speed depends on the fan, the capacity of which can be up to 70 l/s. Budget push-button models allow you to customize the period of their continuous operation during the installation process. More sophisticated sensor devices are triggered automatically when hands enter the space covered by the motion sensor. The factory parameters of such equipment suggest that it be turned on when an object approaches a distance of 15 cm. But during installation, this indicator can be reduced to the level required by the owner.

Technology and specifics of installing a hand dryer

Standard safety rules must be observed when installing the dryer. A distance of at least 60 cm must be maintained between the area of ​​\u200b\u200bits installation and showers. The work process is divided into several stages:

  • comparison of the operating parameters of the device with the power grid;
  • to connect the device, lay hidden wiring;
  • equipment placement height – at least 1.2 m from the floor, 0.8 m from the table;
  • checking the level of the model will eliminate unwanted vibrations and noise.

The timing and efficiency of these devices depend on the quality of connecting the hand dryer and compliance with the above rules. In the absence of financial constraints, it is recommended to choose sensory models, since in the long run their use is more profitable than installing mechanical counterparts. Visitors do not come into contact with this equipment, which prolongs the period of its operation, reduces the risk of intentional damage. If before the installation of a new device it is necessary to remove the old one, then one should take into account the existence of a regulatory act obliging the owner to immediately dispose of it.

Installation and connection of hand dryers

A hand dryer is a convenient technical invention, which, moreover, allows its owner to save on hygiene products, which are consumed very quickly. And visitors to the institution receive additional comfort from its presence.

Today, hand dryers are presented in a large assortment. There is a choice. Most of the models are made using materials that have anti-vandal qualities: impact resistance and heat resistance. This expands their application. Hand dryers differ in design, so you can choose a model that, in addition to performing its direct functions, would be in harmony with the interior of the room.

In addition to external differences, models of electric dryers differ in technical characteristics, which include: the power of the ventilation flow, its temperature and the amount of energy consumed by the unit. Average consumption starts from 100-200 Wh. The air jet is heated to a temperature of +45-75°C. The temperature value that the air flow supplied by the electric dryer has depends on its model. However, it is in direct relation to the performance of the fan. Fan power ranges from 15 to 72 l/s. The larger this figure, the better the fan works, and the stronger the flow of warm air blown out. And the faster the drying of the hand.

It is not enough to choose and purchase an electric hand dryer. It is important to correctly install and connect the hand dryer. Then it will work in full force flawlessly and for a long time. It is best to apply for services to those companies that have long existed in the market for the installation of technical equipment. Their specialists have experience of many successful connections. They know most models, their technical nuances, and are able to install any of them. When connecting, high-quality consumables and parts are used, all of which have mandatory certification. At the same time, the cost of their services is low. Achieving such a favorable price for customers is facilitated by the number of orders: the more there are, the more the price can be reduced. If the client plans to buy a dryer, but does not know which one to choose, the company will advise, which unit to buy, and explain the reason why. All services provided by qualified craftsmen are guaranteed, so their quality is justified. Respectable companies value the comfort of their customers, so their employees work every day, they can be invited at any convenient time. If there is a need for urgent installation, repair or service, a specialist from such a company will come to the client within an hour.


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