How to Make a YouTube Banner

by Dani khan

Why do you need to create a banner on YouTube?

The basic idea behind a YouTube banner is similar to your homepage on your website or any other social media cover picture (think Facebook and Twitter). It is horizontally positioned to the upper part of the YouTube channel’s homepage and is the first thing someone will be able to see when they go to your channel. It’s an important thing. It’s important to utilize this banner to convey the person you are and the purpose of your channel. It can be a way to let people know the content you upload and the kind of content you’re making. Additionally, the quality of your design will reflect upon the high quality and content you’re uploading.

This one-liner could be the key to the decision of someone to scroll down and view the video you have uploaded. Therefore, continue reading for all you need to be aware of when it comes to creating an appealing video banner on YouTube!


Cropping and a safe space

Before we begin, let’s look at the requirements for cropping and the so-called “safe space”. It is based on the device you’re watching YouTube using, YouTube will crop the image for the banner. If you’re watching TV it will show the entire image. For other devices, such as mobile phones the image will be cropped out the majority of the image and show only the middle. Keep in mind that 70 percent of YouTube views are from the mobile application. Make sure your video is mobile-friendly.

It’s the middle part that’s called the safe space. Whatever device the channel is watched on, you’ll be confident that whatever’s in the safe space will be displayed on the screen. Therefore, even though the total TV image measures 2560px by 1440px, the real safe space is 1546px 423px. These are the main dimensions to keep in mind when designing your YouTube banner.


What program should I choose to create the banner for my YouTube banner?

Although you can use Adobe Photoshop to design a YouTube banner from scratch yourself, we believe it’s more efficient, faster and simpler to use the help of a YouTube banner maker, such as PhotoADKing and Canva.

We like these sites because of the fact that there’s no graphic design professional. You can create stunning ideas for social media banners, posters, ads, and more. It’s very simple and, best of all, it’s totally free!

The most beneficial aspect can be the way these websites give you a YouTube banner design template. Right away, you will not have to stress about ensuring you’re in the right dimensions or safe space’. They’ve provided the proper dimensions to begin and let you concentrate on the layout.


Designing your YouTube banner

After you’ve got the dimensions and guidelines in place the time has come to concentrate on how you want your YouTube banner to appear. In the first place, ensure that all the crucial details are included in the safe space.


Background & color scheme

Before doing anything else, you have chosen a background image to be your banner’s design base. Consider what images will connect to your brand and your channel. If, for instance, your videos focus on travel, you could consider using a gorgeous background photo that you took on one of your trips. In the case of gaming channels, think about making a screengrab of one of your games or a channel that is about consoles and controller pads. 

You would also like to keep things simple and clear with a “block” of hues. Pick a color like blue, yellow or green, or whatever you like. Be sure to keep in mind that your color scheme will have to be compatible with the graphics, text and logos you use. It’s best to ensure that these color schemes are to be consistent and in tune with your brand’s color palette.



You should display the name of your channel within your banner. In addition, include an ad-hoc tagline that gives viewers an idea about what your channel’s about and the kind of content they can anticipate. It’s also beneficial to include a schedule for uploads. For instance, if you’re making a new banner for a gaming channel, then you might want to include a phrase under your channel’s name, like: “Multiplayer madness every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the next three days!’. For travel, you can write: ‘new adventures all over the globe every Sunday at 8pm (EST).’

Make sure the font you select ensures that the font you choose is A) easily read and B) is a reflection of your channel’s brand image and content. Keep in mind that a lot of people surf YouTube using their smartphones. So all text should be as large and bold as you can.



As an alternative to words, you should have a logo designed for your business and channel. To create your own logo, you can use the online logo maker app to customize your own logo. Make certain that it is large and visible.

Think about other graphics or images you’d like to add. If you’re thinking of being creative for your travel vlog channel, then you may want to include images of you writing with your camera, or icons and images of items related to travel like backpacks and cameras, sunblock and other items that catch your interest. You might also want to overlay images such as controller pads or characters of your choosing for a gaming channel.

This is where you have the chance to be truly imaginative and showcase your personality and brand. Provide viewers with an idea of the content of your channel and the reasons why they should join. Don’t be too extravagant. There are times when less is better. If your YouTube video is too messy and is overloaded. It could cause a negative impression and distract viewers from the most important information and the brand’s ethos.


Closing up

We hope this guide will be helpful to you when creating your next advertisement for YouTube. It’s an integral component of every channel therefore, be patient with the layout and have fun using it.

If you’re only beginning and are looking for more information regarding creating a YouTube channel take a look at our informative article about the process of making money from the value of your YouTube channel.


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