How to Make Sleeps On Board More Comfortable

by seo bhartirohila

Sleeping on board a vessel is a part of the everyday experience of a navy or cruise ship staff member. After completing your shift, you will need to sleep and get fully rested before you embark on the next day’s duties. However, from how ship racks are designed, they may not offer the highest level of comfort. If you add a distance learning qualification into this mix, there is likelihood that you may not have enough sleep while aboard a vessel. Remember that without proper sleep, your productivity and general wellbeing will be affected. You will not be able to concentrate even on the most basic tasks.


 So how do you make sleeping on board more comfortable?

1. Make your sleeping rack comfortable.

Buying high quality sheets, a mattress topper, and more will help make your sleeping rack more comfortable. Fleet Sheets has made these products available and made them the best they can be for your sleep. With tighter racks, you can get a firm and high-density mattress that fits. Combine this with better bed sheets from Fleet Sheets and you will enjoy a sound sleep aboard vessels that include navy ships, submarines, military ships or coast guards. The best thing about FleetSheets is that they are perfectly suited for rack sizes and also for the staterooms in submarines, navy ships, boats, and coast guard cutters.


2. Maintain a pre-watch routine.


Conventional wisdom says that you need to practice a strict morning routine to help your body get used to waking up and be ready for the day. Unfortunately, for those working on board a vessel, there may be no standard sleep and wake up time. For instance, there are days where you will wake up at 5 am, while in the next few days, 4 am could be the time that you go to bed. If you have a pre-watch routine, you will get ready for work every day, regardless of the time it starts. You need to set an alarm that will help you wake up on time.


3. Exercise every day.


30 minutes of exercise every day helps to improve your sleep significantly. It also ensures that you wake up while you are alert and feeling better. It does not matter what time of the day you exercise, but the benefits that you get from exercise help to prepare you mentally and physically to face the tasks of the day that are ahead of you. Gym equipment needs to be available on board, but if it’s not, there are various workouts that you can do safely while there. Some basic exercises require just a wall and a chair, which are available.


4. Optimize your sleeping cabin.


Naturally, human beings sleep better in a dark environment. Get some curtains that will block the amount of light that gets into your sleeping rack. If you share a cabin with a colleague, you should agree on silent times because it will help you sleep better.




Having enough sleep is important, especially while you are on board a naval vessel, submarine, or coast guard ship. Without enough sleep, you will not be able to work well. The above four practical suggestions have been proven to be effective in helping you to enjoy quality sleep while onboard a vessel.



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