How to properly clean fabric curtains?

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Fabric curtains make us feel at home. We buy expensive curtains to beautify our interiors, but they can be difficult to maintain. Stains on curtains not only damage the fabric, but they also spread many allergens. When it comes to fabric curtains, it’s important to use the right technique, because, in many homes, they are cleaned the wrong way, which can be ineffective. The wrong method can also lead to shrinkage or discoloration of the curtains.

Properly cleaning your curtains will extend their life and remove any remaining dirt particles or other difficult stains. Your curtains will start to shine and make a good impression on guests who come to your home. Follow the steps below to discover the best way to clean fabric curtains.

Steps for cleaning fabric curtains

  • Step 1: The first step in cleaning curtains in Sydney is to remove all notches and weights. Measure your curtains before washing them and stretch them back to their original shape.
  • Step 2: After removing the curtains, you should gently shake them to remove all loose particles and excess dirt from the curtains. Another way to remove loose particles is to lay them on a bed and use the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Only follow this procedure if it is appropriate and indicated on the label on the curtain.
  • Step 3: Place the curtains in the washing machine and check the machine settings for the type of fabric. Use the most appropriate detergent and add the right amount for the degree of soiling of the curtains to get a good wash result.
  • Step 4: If you are washing your curtains by hand, gently shake and scrub them. Be careful not to rub the curtains incorrectly or too roughly. You can dip the cloth in the solution and gently rub it as you wish.
  • Step 5: After washing, dry the curtains parallel to each other. Make sure that the curtains do not touch or rub the wood, as this can leave stains.
  • Step 6: When the curtains are slightly damp, iron them slowly with an iron. Iron on the side is not shown. To remove water spots, thoroughly dampen the entire curtain.
  • Step 7: Stretch the curtain slightly while ironing to remove any creases. When the curtain is completely dry, place it back on the bed, stretching it slowly and carefully to return to its original shape.
  • Step 8: Finally, return the curtains to their original position and hang them properly to keep them looking neat and fresh.
  • looking neat and fresh curtains

Use a professional curtain cleaning service.

If cleaning your curtains at home is not enough, you can call on Clean Couches Sydney’s curtain cleaning service. We offer both onsite and offsite curtain cleaning services and are known for providing satisfactory results in a short amount of time. Our expert team cleans your curtains using state-of-the-art machines and safe solutions and leaves them looking fresh and vibrant. In addition, we disinfect your curtains after cleaning. For more information about our curtain cleaning services, please feel free to call us.


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