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How To Save Picrew Picture: Is Picrew Free To Use?

How To Save Picrew Picture

What are the steps on how to save a Picrew Picture? Do I need a specific device to save Picrew Picture? Is Picrew even free to use? Do I need to pay to download a Picrew Picture? These questions are around the internet surrounding the famous online avatar maker Picrew. Since Picrew Pictures became prominent on TikTok, many individuals got curious about the whereabouts of this platform, but worry no more as we guide you to all the things you must know about Picrew and how to save Picrew Picture. 

Picrew: The Best Online Avatar Maker

Picrew is a web-based online avatar maker that lets you create your virtual avatar, dress them up with thousands of clothing items and then share your avatar online with a single click. You can create an avatar for yourself, your friends, or even a character of your imagination. Picrew is accessible for amateur and professional artist who loves to explore and create boundless designs. 

Picrew Makers are customizable presets that users can choose from to create a personalized Picrew Avatar. Creating an account on Picrew is not necessary, but account creation is required for Picrew Creators to be able to make a Picrew Maker. Picrew has a user-friendly interface with minimal buttons handy for navigating the platform. The color scheme of Picrew is red, white, and mustard yellow, which reflects the goal of Picrew. It offers exceptional services but is picrew free to use?

Is Picrew Free To Use?

Yes, Picrew is 100% free to use. You can create an avatar and use it anywhere online to represent yourself. You can even use it on TikTok, the famous short-video-sharing app where Picrew avatar has gained many interested users. You can access Picrew on any device you have for free. It has no application because it is a web-based platform that aims to provide a place for artists to improve their artwork, for kids and teens to spend their leisure time, and for adults to explore the world of digital art. Picrew is a free online avatar maker accessible to individuals of any age across the globe. 

Benefits Of Using A Picrew Avatar

Picrew Avatars are handy for many things. They are easy to make and have no cost to make. Indecisive if you should create a Picrew? Read this list of benefits of using a Picrew Avatar!

  • Can Help You Stand Out: You can easily create your Picrew avatar and stand out from thousands of users on social media. You can also edit your Picrew avatar to keep it updated with your latest look. Using a Picrew avatar will allow others to know your personality and interest.
  • Easy To Create: Creating a Picrew avatar is easy. You can create your customized avatar in a few minutes, no matter what level your skill is when it comes to art. 
  • Save Time: You don’t have to spend days creating a Picrew avatar. Once you have a general idea of what you want, you can finish it in a few minutes using Picrew. Creating a Picrew Avatar can save time selecting images for your projects or school work.
  • Excellent Method To Change Your Appearance: You can change your appearance or personality using a Picrew avatar. You can make yourself look younger or older, fatter or thinner, etc. 
  • Help You Overcome Your Fear Of Taking A Picture: If you are not comfortable taking pictures, you can create a Picrew avatar for yourself. You can use it on your social media accounts as your profile pictures.

How To Save Picrew Picture?

It is simple and easy to save a Picrew Picture. Create Picrew Avatar first using a Picrew Maker. Once done designing, click the ‘Complete’ button at the top of the presets selection. To save a Picrew Picture, click the ‘Download Image’ button. Once you click it, the Picrew Picture will be downloaded on your device using a PNG file format. Don’t worry about viruses and malware, as Picrew is safe and secure to use. After downloading your Picrew Pictures, you can use them on anything. Start creating Picrew Avatars Using Picrew now and save your design. If you’re having a hard time creating Picrew Avatars, we have a list of tips below that you must read!

Tips On Creating A Picrew Avatar

Creating A Picrew Avatar can be overwhelming at first. It requires a few steps, but it can be baffling to create one at first. Want to start creating Picrew Avatars? Read and remember the list below!

  • Choose Your Style: It is essential to decide what kind of avatar you want to create. Are you interested in creating a cartoon avatar, a realistic avatar, or an anime avatar? Style is a significant part of customizing avatars.
  • Select Your Clothing Items Carefully: Clothing is a significant element of creating an avatar. Picrew makes you select clothing items after you choose the Picrew Maker. Clothing items differ depending on the style of the Picrew Maker.
  • Choose A Background That Complements Your Avatar: The background of your avatar is another essential element that will let your avatar stand out. The backdrop should blend with the style of your Picrew Avatar.
  • Keep Your Avatar Simple: There is no need to add too many elements to your avatar. A simple avatar is always better than a complicated one. For as long as your avatar contains the essential things it should have, you can save it immediately and use it for various reasons.


An avatar can make or break your online experience. It’s your chance to let the world know who you are through your image. Picrew is an online avatar maker that can come in handy for customizing Picrew avatars. We hope this guide helped you to maneuver Picrew and know more about this excellent platform. With these tips, you can create great Picrew avatars handy for various reasons. Remember, avatars are not just for dating. You can also create avatars for social media and online forums. Have a memorable online experience by creating Picrew Avatars for free online!

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