How to Stay Trendy, Fresh and Ever Ready With a Natural Hair Dye?

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Being trendy in a fast-paced life requires a lot of hard work. It takes perseverance, passion and planning to look presentable for a meeting or for a friend’s birthday party. But both occasions are completely different from one another. While one requires you to look formal or probably, executive-like, the other demands a casual outfit in which you can relax and spend a few hours comfortably with your loved ones. But there is one thing that is most important for both occasions.

Your hair!

It does not matter what clothes you wear or what trends you follow if your hair is dull, dry or turning grey it will put a negative light on your appearance.

So, what can be done in such a case?

You can simply opt for costly chemical-infused hair products or you can opt for a natural hair dye—a possible solution that will help you retain your looks, quality of hair and also save you some money.

Now some people may argue that a natural hair dye looks so boring and continue with their top brand hair colours. But, before you pick any one of them the next time, it is suggested that you read through the following.

Organically natural hair colour v/s chemical-based colour

The Ingredients

As the name description itself suggests, an organically natural hair dye works with the goodness of herbs like Amla, Henna, Basil, Indigo, Chamomile Leaf and so on. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in building a protective layer on each strand of hair. Natural herbs also nourish the hair and scalp inside out.

On the other hand, chemical-based hair colours comprise of chemicals like Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide and heavy metals. Each chemical mentioned rips your hair apart and leaves them dull, dry and brittle with split ends.

How does an organically natural hair colour work?

Henna is the primary colouring agent in any pure botanical hair colour. It has a component called Lawsone, a natural colouring agent, which imparts a beautiful red shade on the skin and hair, and has been in use for over 5000 years.  When you apply Indus Valley damage-free hair colour to your hair, henna creates a coat over the hair shaft and Lawsone gradually gets absorbed in the shaft gaps. It, then, binds with Keratin (hair protein) and strengthens the cuticles.

How do chemical hair dyes work?

Chemical hair dyes come in three variants—temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. With each variant, the damage to hair increases massively.

Temporary hair dyes

Such hair dyes stick to the cuticle (outer layer) like a coat of paint. With two-three washes, the paint fades away.

Semi-permanent hair dyes

This type of hair dye causes more damage than the temporary ones. Semi-permanent hair dyes have pigments that pass through the outer layer of hair to stick with the middle layer called the cortex. Normally, such hair dyes fade after 5-10 washes.

Permanent hair dyes

Permanent hair dyes cause long-lasting severe damages to hair as well as to the scalp. They primarily comprise chemicals like ammonia and a developer. While ammonia opens up the cuticle, the developer strips off the natural hair colour and begins chemical reactions that oxidize and deposit the new colour into the inner layer of hair, i.e. the cortex. This not only leaves hair severely damaged but dry as well.

Pricing and Usage

A purely organic and natural hair dye can cost a bit more than the generic chemical-based ones. This is primarily because the harvesting and sourcing of purely organic ingredients are also expensive affairs. There are numerous companies that offer premium quality hair dyes in this segment and Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colour is one of them. The brand offers six different shades, which simply means that now you literally don’t have to worry about being bored anymore with only one shade. You can simply pick the colour that suits your mood the most.

Chemical-based hair dyes are comparatively cheaper, but they end up costing you a fortune when you land up at the doctor’s. In addition, such dyes also require specific schedules and procedures which turn out to be quite cumbersome. Excessive exposure of hair and scalp to chemically-infused hair dyes may cause irreparable hair damages and even deadly allergies.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy your next hair colour after considering all of these points. Be judicious and select what’s best not just for your looks but also for your body and long-term good health.

For further queries please engage with our beauty and health experts through your comments below.

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